5 Ways to Be a Confident and Authentic Leader

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I’ve long been fascinated with power. Who has it, why they want it, what they do with it. I even started a PhD on the topic. What I really wanted to investigate was women and power. How was the power that women hold when they are most aligned different from that of men in the same domains.

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Shocking Sh*t That Women Still Deal With At Work

This thought is always at the forefront of my mind and in the center of my work: What will make a real, tangible, sustainable difference for working women in the world today? When we look at this question through a workplace lens, we can zone in on two of the greatest impacts to progress: bias […]

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How Do You Define Success?

How do you define success? At this very moment, considering your work and career, would you call yourself successful? Whether you answered yes or no, what were the measurements that you used? What’s on your checklist for how successful you do or don’t deem yourself to be? Many of us are striving for success and […]

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The Truths That All Women Need to Know

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What I’ve come to understand deeply over decades of work in women’s leadership, wellbeing and empowerment, is that there are certain truths that all women need to know. You can learn to be confident. It’s not a personality trait, it’s a skill you build. You just need to be shown how. There are pathways to […]

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6 Steps to Create Your Vision Board (+ the Neuroscience on Why They Work)

In our article last week we took you through a 4-step process to create your life vision, which is one of the exercises that women find incredibly powerful in the opening module of our Women Rising program. So many of them come to realise that they rarely (if ever) take the time to pause and […]

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A 4-Step Process to Create Your Life Vision


It’s no question that creating a vision for your life is one of the most powerful things you can do, but it’s also one of the exercises that the women inside our Women Rising Program find the most challenging. It can be quite confronting when you start to do this work for a few reasons. […]

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