The Male Allies Program

Unlocking Women's Success: The Power of Male Allies at Work.

Male Ally {noun}: a man who supports and advocates for gender equality, often through their position of power or influence.

Male Ally {noun}: a man who supports and advocates for gender equality, often through their position of power or influence.

77% of men want to be part of the solution to gender diversity in the workplace.

Lean In

68% of male employees believe that gender diversity is important in the workplace.

Boston Consulting Group

72% of women believe that men have a critical role to play in creating gender equality in the workplace.


Women who have male allies are 70% more likely to report that they can advance in their careers.

Lean In & McKinsey & Co

60% of male managers feel uncomfortable participating in common workplace activities with women, such as mentoring, socialising, or traveling together.

LeanIn.Org and SurveyMonkey

Women who have male sponsors are more likely to receive promotions and pay raises.

Harvard Business Review

Women who have male advocates are more likely to receive challenging assignments, feedback, and mentoring, all essential for career advancement.

Journal of Applied Psychology

Male allies who advocate for women’s ideas or challenge sexist behaviour are more likely to be seen as effective leaders by both men and women.

Academy of Management

87% of companies report that they are highly committed to gender diversity, but only 38% of employees believe that their companies are actually making progress.

McKinsey & Co

Men as Allies: Working Together for Gender Equality

Women continue to face significant barriers at work. Creating a more inclusive and diverse workplace requires a concerted effort from everyone. Men have a critical role to play in breaking down the barriers and promoting gender balance. And they need proven methods to help them succeed.

Gender equality
benefits everyone

Gender equality benefits everyone as diverse teams are better at problem-solving and decision-making. Companies with gender diversity are also 21% more likely to experience above-average profitability.

Men still hold most
leadership positions

Men still hold most leadership positions as women make up just 38% of managers and 22% of C-suite executives. Therefore, male allies have a significant role to play in creating a more inclusive workplace.

Male allies can use their
privilege to effect change

Male allies can use their privilege to effect change by speaking up in support of female colleagues, advocating for policies that promote gender equality and supporting women's advancement.

Male allies can challenge
gender stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are pervasive and can have a real impact on women's career opportunities. Male allies can challenge these stereotypes and help create a more level playing field for everyone.

Allies in Action: How Men Can Help Advance Gender Equality at Work


Male Allies Improve Culture

Male allies can create a culture of inclusion and respect by actively supporting gender diversity initiatives and advocating for women's advancement. By doing so, they can help create a positive work environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and included.


Male Allies
Reduce Bias

Unconscious bias is a major challenge in the workplace, and male allies can help reduce it by challenging stereotypes and advocating for fair treatment. When men speak up against sexism and bias, it can have a significant impact on reducing discrimination and improving workplace culture.


Male Allies Mentor & Sponsor Women

Women often face a "sponsorship gap" where they lack access to senior leaders who can advocate for their careers. Male allies can help bridge this gap by mentoring and sponsoring women, advocating for their advancement, and creating opportunities for them to showcase their talents.


Male Allies Improve Business Performance

Diverse teams have been shown to improve business performance, and male allies can contribute to creating more diverse teams at all levels of the organisation. By supporting gender equity and advocating for women's advancement, male allies can help create more diverse teams that perform better.


Male Allies Create More Inclusive Workplaces

Creating a more inclusive workplace is not just about gender equality, but also about creating a workplace where everyone feels welcome and valued. Male allies can help create this kind of workplace by promoting diversity and inclusivity, advocating for policies that support LGBTQ+ employees or employees from diverse cultural backgrounds, as well as gender equality.


Male Allies Increase Retention & Recruitment 

Women who have supportive male managers are more likely to stay at their jobs and aspire to be top executives. Male allies can provide the necessary support, mentorship, and sponsorship that can help retain female talent and improve gender diversity. They are also more likely to attract top talent by advocating for gender diversity, promoting diversity initiatives, and creating a welcoming and inclusive work environment.


Male Allies
Improve Gender Balance

Male allies can help create a more gender-balanced workplace by advocating for gender diversity and supporting the advancement of women. When men actively participate in diversity initiatives, the gender balance of the company's management team can improve.


Male Allies Increase Employee Engagement & Productivity

An inclusive culture can improve employee engagement and productivity. Companies that prioritize diversity and inclusion are six times more likely to be innovative and agile, according to a study by Deloitte. Male allies can contribute to creating an inclusive culture by supporting diversity initiatives and advocating for gender equity.


Male Allies
Improve Workplace Safety

Women often face harassment and discrimination in the workplace, and male allies can help make the workplace safer by speaking up against inappropriate behavior and advocating for a zero-tolerance policy. By doing so, they can help create a safe and respectful work environment for everyone.

Our Unique Model of Change

Creating gender balanced businesses, together.

Over the past 2 years, the award winning Women Rising program has empowered more than 6,700 women from 567 companies in 37 countries. We are now excited to introduce the Male Allies Program, designed to help men become effective allies in creating inclusive and gender-balanced workplaces.

Men play a crucial role in breaking down barriers, and this parallel program provides the necessary support and tools to empower men to use their privilege and influence to effect change, challenge bias and stereotypes, and create a workplace culture that values diversity, inclusivity and belonging. We've worked with hundreds of men with these proven tools, and we know this program, alongside the Women Rising program, will be the breakthrough you've been searching for when it comes to gender equality at work.



The 4-month virtual program experience. Everything is included, and all women are welcome.

The Women Rising program empowers all women with an evidence-based curriculum, virtual community and expert coaching. Women receive lifetime access to all program materials. Open to all women, all roles, levels and industries.


This 8-week Male Allies Program runs in parallel with the Women Rising Program. Open to all men seeking to be better allies.

The Male Allies program supports men who want to enhance their leadership, scale their sponsorship and be a more effective ally to women, including male leaders who have women in the Women Rising program.

Who Is the Program For?

The Male Allies program is designed for any man who is committed to improving the workplace for women and creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all. It is ideal for managers, team leaders, and individual contributors who want to promote gender equity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Understand Challenges for Women in the Workplace

Through this program, men will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the workplace landscape for women, develop their leadership skills, and become effective mentors and sponsors. They will also gain insights into the challenges and experiences of women in the workplace, and learn how to be effective allies and advocates.

Commit to Creating Positive Change For Everyone

By committing to the Male Allies program, participants are taking a meaningful step towards building a more equitable and empowering workplace culture. They will develop the skills and knowledge needed to support women and promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace, ultimately creating a more supportive and empowering environment for everyone.

The Male Allies Program.

Giving men the knowledge, insights and coaching to be better supported on their male allies journey.


Program Curriculum

Male Allies Program Modules:

1. Strategies to become a more effective ally in supporting gender equity in the workplace.

2. Identifying and addressing the challenges that women face in the workplace, such as gender norms, double bind, and likability penalty.

3. Understanding the current landscape for women in the workplace.

4. Developing an awareness of and strategies to manage gender bias.

5. Learning effective techniques to mentor and sponsor women.

6. Enhancing your leadership skills through exploring topics such as leadership shadow and more.

Male Allies Coaching Playbook:

The program comes with a digital Male Allies Coaching Playbook that is the complete guide for supporting women on their professional journey. For any manager who has women going through the Women Rising program this is your essential guide to understanding their journey, the content they are learning and how to support them through your coaching and mentoring. The guide is also an invaluable resource for all male allies wanting to better understand women’s journeys and deepen their leadership capability.

  • Includes 188 pages of lesson summaries, coaching questions, FAQ’s and resources.

Bonus content:

1. Understanding the vital role that confidence plays in women's leadership and career development.

2. Understanding modern leadership trends and the emergence of feminine traits as valuable leadership qualities.

3. Interviews with male allies and experts in the field of gender equity, gaining insight and inspiration from their experiences and perspectives.

4. A bonus lesson for men on managing wellbeing, energy and resilience.

The Male Allies Program Includes:

Six online training modules

Evidence-based modules in our online learning platform, delivered over 8 weeks with lifetime access to materials.

Live group coaching sessions

4 group coaching sessions throughout the program to answer questions and provide support.

Male allies coaching playbook

A comprehensive coaching playbook with actionable tips and strategies for becoming an effective male ally.

Connected community of male allies

A private community for allies to share tips, strategies and lessons learned, and access support from Women Rising experts.

Virtual, Flexible training

Bite size lessons in video and audio formats, with written guides, coaching playsheets, and a private audio app.

Bonus lessons & additional resources

4 bonus lessons including interviews with allies and leaders, plus additional resources for deeper learning.

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Mike Morgan, Senior Vice President and Managing Director APAC for Insight speaks about the impact that the Women Rising programs have had on the Insight business. Mike shares how their game-changing transformation came from including team members across the whole organisation in the Women Rising development journey.

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