The Male Allies Program

Giving male allies and managers the tools to enhance their allyship and scale their sponsorship.

6 week full virtual program.

Next live program starts September 2023. Join the waitlist or for early registration email us.

Building gender balanced businesses, together.

The Women Rising program is a 4-month fully virtual development journey that empowers women to become confident, authentic leaders with a proven roadmap tested in hundreds of organisations around the world. In fact, 98% of women recommend the program to their organisation and lobby for more women to join.

But improving retention, leadership pipelines and diversity in organisations has many layers. There is a missing piece of most professional development programs for women in that they leave out two of the most critical factors in women’s career and leadership success - male managers and allies.

A gaping hole in increasing gender diversity metrics, is how we engage men in not only the conversation about women at work, but provide meaningful support on their own journey to become active allies. Many men are wanting to step into this role but have not had access to the tools, community and support to do so.

Until now.

At Women Rising, we not only provide unparalleled support for women with a proven personal and professional development model and program, but we also support men to become better mentors and sponsors for women, more inclusive leaders and provide a platform to scale their sponsorship.

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Investing for success.

Mike Morgan, Senior Vice President and Managing Director APAC for Insight speaks about the impact that the Women Rising program and the Male Allies Program has had on the Insight business. Mike shares how their game-changing transformation came from including team members across the whole organisation in the Women Rising development journey.

Aligned programs. Remarkable outcomes.

The Women Rising Male Allies program runs for 6 weeks, in parallel with the live 4-month Women Rising program and is open to male managers and allies who want to support women on their career path.

We encourage the male manager’s of every woman going through the Women Rising program to join the Male Allies program.

We also highly recommend that all men who seek to be better male allies join this program to get the insights, understanding and tools they need to be better leaders, have a greater allyship impact, and learn how to scale their sponsorship of women inside and outside of their organisation.

Gender diverse and non-binary people who would like to learn more about gender allyship are also welcome to join this program, or the Women Rising program.

You’re in good company.


Jeff Wogen, Head of Digital at Theta:

"This is a great program for any manager, male or female, to gain a better understanding and appreciation of the challenges that women can face at work. It gives you the tools to be able to better support women in your team, backed with research data and real-world examples. I was impressed with the effort put into creating this and how much I learned in each module. Any manager would get a lot out of this program – and it was great to have the opportunity to take part in it."

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