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400+ testimonials from Women Rising Program participants

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“I can't emphasise the tangible benefits of investing in yourself with the Women Rising program. The journey is superbly structured - and takes you deeper into the topics discussed here.  Vision, Purpose, Clarity, Boundaries, Imposter syndrome so much more ..I was able to negotiate the kind of project work I wanted to do,  with a senior manager, as a result.

Anastasia Yatras

Youth Development worker / Diversity Trainer, Wollongong City Council

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“This program has given me so much confidence to go ahead in my career by using my hidden strengths which I never knew they existed.

Kavneet Makkar

Technical Business Analyst, Telstra

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“This program is unlike any I have ever participated in before. The program is very holistic and gets you to work through all aspects personally & professionally (like peeling back an onion). I found the content easy to consume in bite-size chunks and it fit into my busy schedule. Completing this program came at just the right time in my career, where I have been mastering one direction and needing to take the next leap into another completely new role. It has helped give me the confidence to jump in.

Louisa Donovan

Senior Technical & Business Analyst, Telstra

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“This has truly been an unique opportunity and learning experience to delve deeper into myself, leverage my strengths , work on my goals and learn about my career mastery curve , and many such thought provoking process which helped me understand a lot about my personal journey and what lies in the future ahead for me.

Tilly R

Senior Solutions Consultant, Byte Information Technology

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“This was a great program to share and learn from like minded women. It was so reassuring to know that the challenges I have faced is not specific to me, and there are ways to overcome it. It's been a very motivating experience.

Julie Wang

Technical Product Owner Chapter Lead, Telstra

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“This whole program has provided me with the foundations and a structure to kick-start a change both personally and professionally.

May Mun

Logicalis Australia

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“This is a whole of life course, to help make you understand what is important in your life and the mindset to achieve it.

Anita Engelbrecht

Senior IT Consultant, Department of Education Tasmania

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“This has been a truly insightful experience. This program is life-changing, particularly for me as a full-time working mother, and after years of putting myself last, I needed to put my needs and self first not only in my career but holistically.

Vesna Pringle

Digital Resource Manager, Jemena


“I now have a clear set leadership perspectives and tools that I can apply to improve my leadership skills both in terms of my focus/direction and also to be a better leader when faced with challenging situations. I enjoyed the course and the structured approach to self reflection, the presenters and coaches were very engaging and insightful, thank you.

Jill Watson

Associate Director Digital Enabling Services, QUT

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“Great program, lots of self reflection to understand where you are currently at in your professional and personal life and where you ideally want to be, the access to tools and tips to help you get there. Wish I had access to this program a little earlier in my career. But it's still not late 🙂 Will definitely recommend this program to others (including men) Thanks Megan, you are awesome!

Harman Saraan

Data Steward, Fonterra Co-operative Group

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“Great program - I learnt from it so much, gave me a clearer vision of what I want to achieve in my personal and career life; and there is a wonderful network of support out there to reach out whenever you need support.

Hien Nguyen

Chapter Lead, Telstra

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“I am enrolled in this course through my company. At first, I thought that it is a course like other courses that I had already taken and it can help me to improve my skills. But as going further in this course, I realized that it is the one that I need most. This course really changed my life. Now I feel confident that I can do anything I want by applying the tools introduced in this course.

Zeynab Bahrami

Software Architect, Webcentral Group

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“Very interesting program. It touches on important subjects, and forces you to stop and think about them, while completing playsheets. There were things I have not considered, or was too busy to research, and enrolling on this course allowed me to get my curiosity back. Thank you.

Agata Monk

Quality Analyst II, Microsoft

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“As a result of the the covid years I lost a lot of confidence in myself, in my abilities and didn't see a place for me within an organisation where I had worked in many senior roles for 22 years : the program enabled me to recalibrate, and to shake off those notions. Women Rising has given me a refreshed focus on myself and what is important to me and has bought back the joy in my work day.

Lisa Wright

Delivery Executive, Interactive

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“This Program is insightful. Got to learn about experiences of different women from different roles. That definitely added value.

Priyanka Nandwani

Digital Transformation Consultant, Microsoft

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“This program will challenge you and at times take you out of your comfort zone You learn about yourself, have the support of a great Cohort group and leader with excellent coaching sessions. You will come out more aware of yourself and your needs, how to deal with many situations and how to make changes to your life for the better.

Toni McColl

Accounts and Administration Assistant, Servian


“I was fortunate that at the same time I start this course I was fortunate to move in to a new role in my current organization. As I go through the program I discovered my personal branding & how to manage my inner critics to gain more confidence. I could feel the change within me that how confidently I have approached my new role and I felt so happy to hear the positive feedback from my leaders how they can see the change in me. I really enjoyed the ever module and all the cohort sessions. This course has create a positive change in me to reach my goals in my work life as well as in my personal life.

Hesh Hettiarachchi

Dynamics 365 F&O Functional Consultant, Interactive Pty Ltd

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“I don't think as women we get time to really focus on ourselves both on the personal and work fronts. This course has certainly highlighted for me changes I want and need to make for myself both personally and ways to ensure I can meet my career goals.”

Delice Coop

General Manager - PSG Solutions, Datacom Systems (AU) Pty Ltd

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“1. There are many items in our life (things like bias, etc.) we brush off and tell ourselves “it’ll be fine”. Knowing that these situations have a term and that it’s experienced by many like us is very comforting. In many cases, there are strategies supplied to approach, review and resolve a situation.

2. I’ve read about the concept of responding over reacting. I must say that I wasn’t too clear on the practicality of it in most situations. But a module in this course touches on that topic very nicely. It’s life altering!

3. Comments and conversations with other women in this group during coaching calls have displayed the quality of “we are in this together without judgement”. Again, that is excellent comfort.

4. I learnt that it’s ok to focus on myself. This course has encouraged me to value myself, treat myself better and speak up where necessary. This was conveyed through choicest of words and examples during coaching calls. It just sticks and rings with you!

5. I used to be shy of asking anyone what they thought of me as a colleague. However, through this course, I did a personal branding exercise, and it was an eye opener!

6. This course has also helped me sharpen my vision for myself – both personal & career wise. To summarise, it brings the strong self within you to the fore while also conveying gently that it’s ok to be vulnerable. It’ll supply you with strategies & tools to help yourself in your personal & career journey. I highly recommend it!”

Maneesha Mittadoddi

Product Owner, Telstra

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“I'll be talking about this program for years to come. Ngā mihi maioha Megan.”

Elizna Le Roux

Associate Project Manager, Leaven

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“Following through the modules and talking with others on the coaching calls has led me to finally believing that I am enough. What a revelation. I feel lighter, happier and more confident.”

Christine Bell

Client Delivery Manager, Optus

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“Thank you for your guidance, this has really strengthen me as an Associate Director, to guide and mentor my team, make informed decisions and assist someone else along my journey in Female learning.”

Sandi Miles

Associate Director, Optus

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“I think the program teaches me that every element in life is important and nothing can take priority over another. I, need to be happy and balanced. Stress can be a positive factor in life. Mindfulness and meditation can do the magic! 🙂 Loved the program! Thanks Megan!”

Soumyashree Das

Technical Writer, Microsoft

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“This is a program that I highly recommend to all career women in general.”

Josephine Capistrano



“My story is one of those stories that you always hear. I come from a super orthodox family, where women were not allowed to study as their sole purpose was bearing children and cooking. I have come a long way from there to here, where I am in control of my own career and love my job. Having said that it is still easy for me to fall back on my old self where I am not confident of speaking up, afraid to challenge myself and anxious about every little thing. This program has been cathartic in a way and at times it is just about listening to the strong women and being happy that I get to listen to them. I wish each and every woman on the program a lot of success in anything that they set their mind on doing.

Jyoti Notani

Manager, Data Technology Support, NZ SuperFund

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“As a senior leader and female in a traditional male dominant industry it’s great to have an offering such as this available. I have been able to offer my surroundings to join me on the journey and would suggest anyone completing this course to consider how to bring that element to life. It has been really valuable.”

Camilla Windfeld Khanna

Group Head Safety, Alinta Energy

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“Attending this program changed my life. I am so grateful. I am now more confident and are moving towards my overall goal.”

Reenu Bhasin

A2B Australia

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“This program has been great in making me realise my vision, the bigger goal of my life and how to work towards achieving that goal. This program gives a great resource in the form of peers and the playsheets definitely make you wonder about things you never thought of. It's a great way to realise your potential and confidence building. I really enjoyed all the program modules and they have been beneficial.”

Maitreyi Singh

Data Science Specialist, Telstra

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“This program came up at a perfect time for me! Working through the modules, I re-captured my confidence and pinpointed some changes that I needed to make to get me back onto my life pathway. So much so, that I changed roles to a fantastic organisation run by women. Thank you for the opportunity to be part of this program!”

Sonya Radice

Service Delivery Manager, Fusion5 New Zealand

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“This program helps me know myself better, care myself more, learn to clarify what is important for us to focus on and when to let go. It not just help me with my professional life but also my personal life.”

Polly Cheung

People Supervisor, DXC

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“A transformative course for women looking to redefine success in their own terms and step into authentic leadership.”

Marcie Nymark

Chief of Staff, Microsoft


“Women Rising has been an interesting, informative and very thought provoking program. The more you put into it and the more you are totally honest with yourself, the more you get out of it. It has been a great eye opener also, meeting women from many different companies, hearing their thoughts and experiences and realising how similar we all seem to be.

Megan Jackson

Data Specialist, Telstra

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“I tend to struggle with impostor syndrome. The program's three-part confidence framework opened my eyes to be critical of the stories my inner critic tells myself. I learned that I need to interrupt them and instead create empowering stories that will continue to build my radical confidence.”

Michelle Pablo

Technical Business Analyst, Telstra

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“Part of my current role is to handle CAB meetings. I am the only female person in a team of 10. I was always not looking forward to it, because I was tense, lacked confidence in speaking about my change topic. But now, I think I'm slowly getting out of it. I've changed the way of my speaking, I slowly focused on my topic and what to convey, rather than thinking that I'm the only one, or thinking about the mistakes I might do. When I made this focus shift, I observed that I sounded confident, I am able to deliver well, with less stress.”

Sirisha Koduri

IT Configuration Specialist, Defence Health Ltd

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“A fabulous program for uplifting women and allowing us to believe we are capable.”

Maria DeMarco

Sales Support, Interactive Pty Ltd

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“This course gave me the validation I needed to create better outcomes. Validation that I actually I know a lot of these things, that they make sense, that they are backed up with evidence, and that it's ok back myself and I have the power of many women around me.”

Kate Davey

Commercial Manager, NTT New Zealand Limited

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“Having received those bias judgments in my personal life and most especially at work in the early 90s just because of my gender, I had to deal with it on my own and in silence. After going through the program, I just realised that everything that I have done to battle and cope with those are exactly what this program is offering. I am a strong willed woman and I am glad I dealt with it with pride and grace. But for those who are still suffering in silence, this program is a great way to ensure and let all women out there know that they are not alone. That there is a program such as this that will greatly help and empower them to be more confident and stand up against those biases and break prejudice because of our gender.”

Psyche Semilla

Lead Consultant, Capgemini

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“It was great t be amongst women and hear their stories and thoughts surrounding the module topic. It was a relatable experience and a good environment to share in.”

Soliana Admasu

Developer, Velrada

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“Women Rising has helped me find a clear direction for my career pathway. I am more confident in my work, and in myself. I have a greater understanding of the challenges women face in business and I have a more focused lens through which to view the world.”

Kath Tate

Partnerships Manager, Computer Concepts


“I feel like this course was life-changing for me. I can now see the direction I'm going and I have a plan to get there. I have learned new skills which I am applying in both my working and personal life.

Aline Sarreta

Consultant, Eighty20 Solutions

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“Greats topics are covered by this course that are very relevant to today and beyond. There is a good amount of time to get through the lessons and I enjoyed listening to the modules the most while finding ways to take away nuggets of value that I could do to influence my everyday life at work and home."

Helen May

Technical Consulting Manager, Microsoft

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“Women Rising is a unique program that asks participants to reflect on aspects of our careers and lifestyles which are critical, but which we don't usually focus on. It was a challenging but rewarding experience.

Emily Taplin

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“I have been immensely motivated by this program. Finding myself reading more self-help books and making the time for wellbeing. The highlight for me was understanding my strengths and how I can leverage of these to progress my career to the next level."

Michelle Barnard

Purchasing Team Lead, APA Group

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“At the beginning of this course, I thought "Wow! 4 months period of learning with 8 modules to go thought along with remove conference meetings.... Can I commit it?" But 4 months has passed too quickly! Each module is so stimulative and required us to reflect ourselves - learning came from inside of myself by completing each Playsheet, joining cohort meetings and coaching sessions. This is a very unique self-development course - if you commit it you will see some and tangible growth at the end of 4 months period of learning. I appreciate all Women Rising team members who enables such a great course available to us. Megan, thanks for your visionally leadership!"

Miwa Fujii

Sales Operations Japan & Customer Success Manager APAC, Megaport

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“Women Rising has really helped me stop and investigate how and why I am where I am. The brilliance of this program is the space to do this through the self-learning, worksheets and sessions. Some modules were quite challenging and it was great to hear the stories of other women and their experiences throughout the program. Thank you Megan!"

Colleen Turner

Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft

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“Women Rising is like an unpeeling of a layered brown onion... there will be effort (and possibly tears) to get to the the final stage, but the value of the end product will be amazing!"

Shari Silverman

A/NZ Program Manager - Datacom Cloud, Datacom

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“Women Rising is like an unpeeling of a layered brown onion... there will be effort (and possibly tears) to get to the the final stage, but the value of the end product will be amazing!"

Shari Silverman

A/NZ Program Manager - Datacom Cloud, Datacom


“This is a great program to be involved in, which will help you grow your confidence and make you feel proud to be a women of a diverse background who is achieving great milestones in their career. This is a program that is useful for every working woman and I highly recommend it.

Himani Goyal

Digital Energy Projects Leader, CSIRO

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“All modules are very well planned and in proper order to help us go through well knitted journey. Learn to be clear what you want to achieve as your career based on your skills and not what others want you to do, same time do not compromise or go on backfoot being a women. as you have a family and kids to take care of. Every women is very capable and be proud of that. Most importantly which any one should learn to have your mental peace and well being given priority. Congratulations to Megan and her team for such a well planned course and materials were excellent. Every coaching call were well guided and answered all questions. Great opportunity to get to know others and their journey, issues faced and how to overcome which normally we do not get chance to share or get to know others. At the end of the day realization was goo you are not alone or the only one others are facing the same challenges and there are ways to fight back and overcome.”

Ruchi Mehta

Sr. Project Manager, Infosys

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“I came into this program unsure of how I would go. But I really do see its value. It was great to engage with other women and understand their challenges and their successes. It really made me focus on myself, think about how I engage with others and to believe in myself more.”


State Sales Manager, Ingram Micro

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“The sessions are well structured. They slowly build up your understanding of life both professionally and personally. I will come back and re-visit these sessions again and again.”


Associate Manager, Accenture

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“A slightly modified version of this course would be brilliant for younger women still in high school. Meanwhile, this had given me tools to help my daughter better too."

Tania Ezra

Technology Specialist, Microsoft

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“The Women Rising program really makes you stop and take a moment to really think about yourself as a person, an employee and as a leader.”

Kelly Farley-Thompson

Executive, Factor

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“Helped me to analysis who I am, and who I want to be, and plan how to get there.”

Audrey Brockie

Associate Solution Architect, Synergy

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“Thank you."

Inna Bocharova

Business Development Manager for Eaton, Dicker Data DAS

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“Really enjoyed the program. hope to be a positive influence to other women as well.”

Sue Sawyer

Delivery Manager, QSuper


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