Unlocking Women's Potential

400+ testimonials from Women Rising Program participants


“This course has given me the tools I need to be become a better leader. The modules and playsheets have allowed me to review my current situation which came at a good time as the organization I was working for went through changes, which meant that I had to decided what to do next. The conversations that were shared in the Coaching calls were helpful too. I will continue to review these modules as I progress in my career. I am grateful for the opportunity to attend and complete this course.”

Agapi Maragos

Continuous Improvement Analyst (PMO), Energy Australia


“Women Rising is an excellent program for improving your leadership skills. I felt inspired with every module and the communication method was affective and relevant. The flexibility of the program was also key to ensuring I was able to complete each module in my own time. Best course I have done in years!"

Linda Polese

Senior Director, Capgemini Australia


“The course itself is structured so well that it highlights and brings out features we already posses. I took up this course at the right time and it has helped me transition into a senior product manager role with more confidence. And this is just the beginning."

Kshama Adka

Product Manager, Webcentral


“I have actually loved this programme. Extremely insightful - I feel buoyed for the future."

Nicola Dillon

Account Director, Microsoft UK


“The insights and practical toolkits provided in this program are life truly changing. Even though I'm a work in progress I have made some inroads by leveraging my strengths to building my self-confidence, clearer goal setting, adopting good habits and practices, being more self-aware and building my professional network. Overall I found this program challenging, thought provoking, and truly enriching for all aspects of my life. I would highly recommend it to all women no matter what stage of your career."

Preetinder Kaur Arora

Senior Business Analyst, FiveP


“Go for it... get into this... there are some amazing insights that will wakeup your inner consciousness to live this life the way you should be living- smarter and happier."

Karen O'Sullivan

HR Operations Process Lead, Fonterra


“The Women Rising program has inspired me to broaden my impact at work and other areas of my life.... because I can... and because I have new tools and support from experiencing the program."

Emy Escalona

Director, Cloud Platform Alliances & Channels, Oracle Corporation Australia


“While I was in this program, there were organisational changes happening in my company. Women Rising helped me step up and use my voice to get what I wanted as part of the changes. I didn't just let it happen to me. As a result, I got the promotion, the pay rise and a better balanced job scope. This program gave me the confidence and tools to make that happen. Thank you!"

Dina Craigie

Managing Consultant, DXC Technologies


“Thanks for being so passionate about what you do and being so willing to share your knowledge, in a way that is really accessible. It was very easy to understand and great being self paced.”

Jolene Cousins

New Starter Programme Trainer, Flight Centre


“This program has given me tools that will be useful as long as I'm alive both personally and professionally. I absolutely recommend this course, particularly to women working in a corporate and/or male dominated industry.”

Eliza Frazier

Customer Service Specialist, BlueScope


“This is easily one of the best program that I've attended so far. It makes you think deeply, brings more clarity and depth into what you do and why do you do it. The program makes you a more confident, happy and better person.”

Meethu Umesh

AVP - Banker's Digital Experience, ANZ


“Thank you, Megan! This course has provided me insights and tools to boost not only the journey through my career but more importantly through life. The programs holistic and refreshing approach has provided me a new perspective on my personal development. I've learned new skills and acquired new knowledge but more importantly I've gotten greater clarity on who I am as a person, what I want to achieve and how I can then best apply the knowledge and skills, to me an individual, to fulfil my purpose.”


Eithne Kane

Senior Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft


“This really was a journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance for me. Each module will peel away another layer of who you think you are, eventually revealing who you really are. Your strengths, passions, power and purpose without the judgement and criticism. You will discover how to take better care of yourself because you will now truly understand yourself. This course has taught me what I need to thrive. I have gone from feeling like an imposter to knowing the value I bring to my workplace - I am worthy."

Bianca Vogt

Asset Tracking Product Manager, Telstra


“I had never completed anything like this program but felt like it would be valuable. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed the course and how much confidence I built through the program. I would encourage all women to complete the course, especially if they find they lack direction."

Meadhbh Ni Laoi

Website Designer, PageUp


“I can't rate this program highly enough! You can tell how much work has gone into beautifully crafting content and ensuring modules flow seamlessly to provide value at the most poignant time for participants.
The community element of this program has been vital for me- it's been so powerful to be able to share my experiences and learn from other women around theirs.

The positive influence it's had on me, not just in work but also in my personal life is amazing. I have found my authentic self again via this program- people have noticed the positive change and commented how I "come to life" when I talk about and share insights from Women Rising.

I've adopted so many elements from this program to empower not just myself, but my older daughters, female friends, my partner and to help other women where I work to rise up and be their authentic selves! It's given me the knowledge, tools, statistics and confidence to share insights in my organisation with the aim of building allies who'll help drive positive change for women in our workplace. Before this program, this is certainly something I would not have had the confidence or insights to do!"

Christina Halliday

Customer Relations, Ascent


“My gratitude to Megan for curating such a practical, structured, comprehensive and self motivating program based on real life challenges. This program has brought in a different perspective in my life to push myself to strengthen my strengths.

The examples used in the program like ted talks, motivation speakers, coaching calls and playsheet concept is amazing and very fruitful.

I will recommend everyone to enroll yourself to this and enhance and strengthen your leadership skills.

Thank you once again Megan and looking forward to connect with you again.

Anjali Jain

Head CRM, BMW Group India Ltd.


“The most awesome thing about the Women Rising program is that it promotes authenticity as being at the heart of everything that we do, provides tools and guidelines to effectively build authentic connections and to develop an authentic leadership style. I wish that Women Rising was available to me 30 years ago, when I first embarked on my career in IT. I would have spent far less time questioning my ability and confidence, and placed more focus on what's important to me and my professional and personal evolution. Completing the program at this advanced stage of my career has renewed my enthusiasm for picking up new skills and forging a new professional path for myself - one that is more aligned with my personal definition of success."

Eva Lockwood

E2E IT Solution Designer, Telstra


“This programme motivates and encourages one to want to grow and move out of their comfort zone. It urges one to want to discover more about themselves whilst equipping women how to go about it."

Agfa Kuda Dhliwayo

Senior Payments Solutions Specialist, A2BAustralia


“Women Rising is a great program for women to understand themselves and their strengths, motivations, goals, and aspirations better. It has great tools, mentors and community to help, support, and advise with sticky situations. It's truly a platform to help women rise together, cherish our differences in our leadership styles and make a true difference in the business world."

Beth Wrigley

Bid Management Team Lead, Fusion5


“While hard work and perseverance got me strong recognition in my career and capability to date, I now leverage my whole self to advocate for what is important and lead the change outcome and am already seeing the return."

Siobhan Kerrigan

Head of Commercial Management and Sales, Managed Services, Servian


“Loved the program and the way it’s structured. I’m more confident now and I have better clarity on my goals!”

Silvia Giorgetta

Transformation Manager, Dyson


“This program gave me practical tools to make changes both immediately and in the long term. It's good how the course content builds up in layers and is connected throughout, resulting in the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.”

Catherine Slater

Project Manager, C3 Post Trade


“The program has helped me gain clarity on what is important and what is not. I can now stop being busy and be purposeful day to day.”

Hanna Dean

Support Solution Specialist, Microsoft


“After 30 years in work life I have been ingrained with a certain way of thinking and resigned that I have to follow a certain trajectory (male-focused). This program has given me freedom to consider my well-being rather than a preset route and career trajectory. Focus on my well-being and protect it; being authentic (my strengths honed over the years are genuine and are learned experiences that I can tap into - back myself). I can be confident and tame my inner critic. I really wish I had been given this opportunity 20 years ago..”


Julia Leong

Program Manager, Interactive


“I found the program on a whole to be beneficial. It made me think on the flip side and from a different point of view. Stress was one of those and how to use it your advantage. Another one was the biases. Having a vision and purpose of what in want to achieve and journey to get there is what all program encompasses. Got to meet some very wonderful and strong women as well. Thank you!"

Shobna Lata

ICT Officer - Application and Support, Brisbane Catholic Education


“The Women Rising program has given me insight, inspiration, motivation and the necessary learnings and tools to confidently go forward in both my personal and professional life. The program is delivered and managed in such a way participants have the ability to be involved at a comfortable level and pace. The program offers a true feeling of network support and connection during and beyond the program. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and look forward to being part of the Alumni."

Leanne Reynolds

Executive Assistant to CEO/MD, Data#3


“Women Rising can be seen as all about all women finding a place in the workplace, but the essence I found was how I could find my true self and bring that into the workplace in an authentic way whilst creating a positive environment for others and being a strong leader."

Tash Robb

Business Automation Manager, Business Automation Manager, rhipe - a Crayon company


“Thank you for putting this program together. I learnt I am far stronger than I think and I can achieve anything."

Deepshikha Rana

Enterprise Azure Specialist, Microsoft


“My biggest takeaway was to be able to pause and reflect on myself, be it professionally or personally, working on my vision and goals and how to successfully there.
Working on my personal brand - through getting feedback from my peers and Management - and how to improve it was definitely a highlight and a milestone for me.
I am now more confident and realised I have more grit than I thought. I prioritise myself more, be it professionally or personally and focus on my well-being.

I am planning on reflecting regularly on myself and where i stand compare to my vision and goals, continue the Mentor/Mentee journey as it allows an external point of view. I will focus on prioritising myself and my well-being while I continue to develop my network and share with other women internally and externally.”


Area Sales Manager, BMW Group Asia


“At the beginning of this program I was uncertain what i would get out if it but I have always wanted to help others, make them not feel alone. During this journey I was able to share my experiences, learnings and learn more about myself. I have loved every minute of this program and feel it has made me grow as a person professionally and personally.”

Chloe Royston

Team Leader - Customer Support Representative, Data#3 Limited


“I am truly grateful to be part of the Women Rising program at this time in my leadership journey. This program helped me to pause and reflect and make me more prepared in the (hopefully) years ahead. Hearing other women's experiences who are in different stages in their journey made me appreciate it more since I am just starting.

Rheena Evasco

Bid and Proposal Management Leader, DXC Technology


“This program has re-inspired and reinvigorated me regarding my own future, goals and how important my wellbeing is to me achieving all I want to for myself and my team. Great content that was sometimes new to me and other content that were just great reminders of things I have let go of over time. Strongly encourage all to do this and it is great we get to go back over in our own time the content to keep being the best we can be.

Nicole Hobbs

Delivery Management Executive, Microsoft


“this program is structured in a way to provide tools and mindset that helps navigate the ups and downs of professional life. I personally found the additional resources provided at the end of each lesson very useful and insightful.”

Lina Rostamkhani

Head of Customer Experience & Digitalization, APAC Region, BMW Group


“Wow!! This program has touched me on so many levels and has helped me bring balance and a synergy to all my different personas: working, family, self.....and has given me the skills and confidence to go to the next level. - thank you!”

Eithne Kane

Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft


“Such an empowering course. I love learning and I would do this all again. I have recommended to several friends and colleagues and hope they are given the opportunity to attend - it's such a privilege to be part of such an exciting movement. Awesome job Megan!!”

Ginny Wormald

Delivery Excellence Lead, DXC Technology


“This program has been wonderful and super fulfilling. The quality and depth of the content is unmatched, and the content is thoughtfully pulled together so it is relevant to our lives. It was great to learn of commonalities and differences that women face from across the world. The networking component is excellent - met so many talented individuals from all different industries and backgrounds. I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone, regardless of where they are in their career journey!!”



Supervisor, Business Applications, RSM US LLP


“Prior to embarking on this Program, I had participated in a number of tests regarding my strengths and undertaken internal leadership/development programs. This Program highlighted and reinforced what I have come to learn about myself personally and as a leader, and has introduced me to the tools that will assist me in developing further as a person and leader/role model. Setting boundaries for my own wellbeing, changing my approach to fit the audience and environment while ensuring not to loose my authenticity and who I am and what I bring to the table. I was not able to dial into many of the coaching calls but listened to these post the sessions. There is comfort in knowing that I am not alone in walking this challenging path of female leadership. My aim is to empower every women I can to build confidence and never question our worthiness.

Angelique Abbott-Walton

Principal Technology Risk and Compliance Advisor/Manager, AGL


“Absolutely loved the program and the diversity of topics covered. It taught me the importance of needing to invest my time to learn and grow. The modules on Intentional well-being and leading change have to be the most powerful learnings that I will take away. They resonate so well with my current career needs as well as how to be better person at work and at home. I am keen to practice what I have learnt and influence the wider community at work and home the best way I can."

Kamini Wijekulasuriya

BOS Furnace Operations Manager, BlueScope


“I have learnt so much about myself, my life and my career through doing this program and found that it has really boosted my confidence to be able to take action and find joy in what I do. The best part is I can constantly come back and review and adjust as needed as I keep moving through different stages. Meeting so many other amazing women and having access to this great community is probably the best part of all."

Kirsty Adam

Sales Coordinator, InterSystems


"This course had been amazing for me. The relevance of modules to our day to day challenges were amazing. It has helped me to look at failure and stress from a new (and surprisingly very positive) point of view.

The coaching calls are great, not only we can consult with Megan about anything but also we get to hear experience/insights of many other inspiring women.

The program has given a great insight about my strengths and things I can work on (in a very encouraging fashion). Thanks so much Megan for bringing forward this fantastic course. I miss our coaching calls."

Nidhi Singh

Product Owner, Telstra


“This program has allowed me to reflect on where I've come from (my experiences both good and bad) & where I want to be. I have had so many 'aha!' moments along the way. I've gained confidence in my abilities and have been challenged to think about things differently. Such a helpful course, our host Megan, the community, and access to such great resources have been utterly fantastic. I will be revisiting this program in the future, thank you!"

Melita Lee

Functional Consultant, Atturra


“We think other people know us better, but after this program I strongly realise that we are the best person to know our true selves, and we must be patient with our pace to grow."

Prableen Kaur

Program Manager, Adobe


“I have truly understood my vision and purpose and it is a great way to start your journey in the program. The playsheets are amazing with the way the questions are framed that they really make you think deep about yourself and everyone around you. Inculcating the radical confidence in myself is something that I am still learning to do and hope to get better at it. The impact I make on others in my team and toward my organisation is something that I had never realized before. I hope to be able to absorb all the learning from the program and practice in my life daily."

Arti Raj

Senior Data Insights Analyst, Telstra


“This program is great in the way it is structured to develop yourself along with bringing women together from all over the world together that surprisingly share similar stories. I highly recommend it for all women, regardless of which point in their career they are at."

Ivanka Miller

Customer Delivery Manager, Optus


“I have made changes! At the start of the program I was feeling unappreciated in my role, overworked and on the verge of burnout. Since I have negotiated a 4 day working week and acknowledgement of my 'lead' title. I am shameless about my personal brand, am sitting here beside my Grit Map and have FINALLY developed a tangible life purpose with associated mid level and low level goals. I am more aware of gender bias, more dedicated to making change. Intentional wellbeing is now possible because of all these things prior. Sitting here today I feel so HAPPY, so BLESSED and so GRATEFUL."

Tashia Niewand

Talent Engagement Leader, Data#3


“I wish this programme was available years ago! I gained so much from each module and feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to participate. Thank you Megan.”

Jayne Papaleo

Executive Assistant to GM - Public Sector, Microsoft


“Modules of this program are well structured and played. Simple and small things can make a bigger and better change and these modules provide those tips and tricks.”

Maheswari (Mahi) Amrutha

Technical Project Manager, EY


“This program has increased my understanding and awareness of both myself and of workplace dynamics. It has helped me face into the future with courage, confidence and a toolkit of powerful frameworks to draw on.”

Jacqueline Spiesser

Product Owner, Telstra


“I am thrilled to share that the Women Rising program has been a truly transformative experience for me. Despite having completed numerous leadership courses in the past, I was surprised to find that this program exceeded my expectations in terms of the valuable insights and personal growth it provided.

I have gained new perspectives and insights that have fundamentally changed the way I perceive myself and my leadership style. The program has given me the tools to become a more effective leader, both in my personal and professional life.”


Girlie Brotonel

General Manager - Digital Engineering, Datacom


“The Women Rising Program was fantastic and has had a profound impact on me. Every topic resonated with me, and was all tied together really nicely - over the journey, I've learnt a lot about myself, am clearer on my purpose and the impact I want to have, and have some great, practical tips and tools to support me in many aspects of my personal and professional life. I look forward to continuing to do this important work, and supporting other women around me to do the same. Thank you Megan, and your team, for your beautiful coaching and program!"

Kate O'Dwyer

Finance Transformation Program Manager, BlueScope


“It was fantastic to make time and think about things you don't usually spend time on, and it's the hard questions, so trusting your stream of consciousness to find out what lies beneath in terms of your vision and purpose - spit balling and writing whatever comes up, trusting - it's challenging!"

Tracey Roberts

Senior HR Advisor, Holmes ANZ LP


“Creating boundaries - life design vs work/life balance. Taking time out for myself and not feeling guilty for completing professional development. This has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone - taking on a further project role that has turned into a different position. Opened up so many more opportunities.”

Belinda Little

Manager Compliance and Assurance, TAFE NSW


“At the beginning of the training, you will have a cloudy space about your vision that is not clear, and as you progress, you will be enlightened about your purpose and be able to build your confidence to thrive, build a brand, and make an impact.”

Naneth Villapando

Sales Operations Advisor, DXC Technology


“Grit and Grace was one of the most powerful module of this course. It took me a while to understand and realized my purpose. and it was not an easy exercise. Once I did it, I start connecting my purpose in everyday decisions. One example from my work life. My purpose at work is to help people around me thrive, grow and progress. At one point, I realized there is underperforming team member in my team and I was at the point to fire him because multiple times I did not see any progress with him. but then I thought of my purpose and realized that I can and should help him to thrive. it is easy to fire a person and it is so difficult to grow, nourish and unleash the potential. So I am doing my best to help him to thrive. and I'm positive I won't regret it. The same I apply to my family and kids, especially when I am impatient or someone crossed my boundaries. I stop myself, go and get a glass of water and then connect to my purpose at home which is : improve quality of life for people around me. and it magically changed everything because I am making life more comfortable and more enjoyable, not difficult for my loved ones. THANK YOU.”

Veronika Koltsuk

Head of Product Marketing Wellbeing, Electrolux


“I wasn't sure what to expect from this program but it has been an eye-opening experience. The ability to connect with women around the world and understand that we all feel the same has been a profound experience. I would recommend this program to anyone who is willing to put in the work as the outcome is worth it.”

Brooke Scott

Project Controller, ElectraNet


“I thoroughly enjoyed this program and was a little sad to see the formal program come to an end. I loved how this program takes a different perspective to look at who we are and what we want to achieve from our lives, both personally and professionally. It's quite thought provoking and confronting to think about ourselves first.

I would highly recommend this to everyone. And I would like to see more men join the allies program so that we start making positive changes.”

Claire Taylor

Senior Business Analyst, BlueScope


“Life can be challenging time to time and it's made by different phases and, let's face it, we all have our limits. I always felt like I was unstructured in the way I was looking at my career. I feel so much stronger now that I have the tools to draw a clearer path in front of me. But the most important thing the course has thought me is to value my strengths, be confident and to have grace and let go.”

Martina Saldi

Go To Market Manager - Cyber Security, Data Security and Privacy ANZ, Microsoft


“The strengths based approach of the Women Rising program is so powerful - to identify and go after the things that you want more of! Turn your thoughts in to actions.

The well rounded structure to build purpose in to your life, not just your career is life changing, and being able to learn and share with a cohort of women from all different parts of the world is tremendous.
Learn techniques about how to take control of your own destiny, own it and put it in to action.”

Anne Major

Principal - Process Design, Water Corporation


“Thank you for the opportunity to take time out and focus on my leadership - it was rare chance to revisit strengths, and values and evaluate my confidence in navigating my career.”

Carolyn Thomas

Associate Director, Strategic Communications, Optus


“I have loved being a cohort leader and see the improvement in some of the members. It is so inspiring!!!”

Adelaida de Foxá Eymar

Sr. SMB Sales Manager, Microsoft


“What a wonderful course. I wish we had something similar that would include our male counterparts.”

Maggie Rowlands

Transformation Chapter Lead (Change), Synergy


“I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for the impact your program has had on my life. Through the sessions and playsheets, I was able to learn new skills, gain confidence in myself, and build inner strengths that have allowed me to succeed in ways I never thought possible.

Thanks to the skills and confidence I gained through the program, I have been able to achieve personal and professional success that I once thought was out of reach. I am grateful for the experience and would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to build their inner strengths and achieve their goals.”


Bindhu Manoravikumar

Scrum Master, Telstra


“This course provides a good coverage of leadership and career concepts and skills. It would be very valuable to women wanting to move into more senior roles, or starting their career.”

Vivienne Collins

Lead Consultant – Data Platforms & Advanced Analytics, Fujitsu Australia and New Zealand


“If you are looking for a bunch of supportive, relatable, like minded women who are in the same position as you in your life or career, this is the place for you. Before completing the Women Rising program, I was feeling less than confident in my own ability to do what I had been doing for years, all it took was the support and well thought out modules in this program and here I am, living proof that it works.”

Taylor Newnham

Head of Telco Technology, AGL


“This program has given me awareness, knowledge and practical tools to develop myself, my career and my life. Truly life changing.

Sarah Court

Head of Business Solutions, NZ SuperFund


“Wow, what a ride. Thanks to the Women Rising program, I'm better equipped to lead authentically and with confidence, grit and grace. It was an inspiring journey that will form an integral part of my career (and personal) toolkit for years to come. Finally a program that lives up to its name - it really is about Women Rising!”

Mel Stein

Operations Manager, DIVERSUS


“This program has the potential to change your life. It gets to the core of what’s needed to bring out the best in you, and is delivered in a pragmatic yet powerful way. I highly recommend for women at all stages of your leadership journey, and look forward to applying the concepts I learned to my current and future leadership roles.”

Kristy Brown

Country Manager - Microsoft Solutions, Fusion5


“The Women Rising program has been such a valuable and insightful opportunity to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. I know I will revisit the modules as my life and work role evolves, as life is a continual learning process and this program is an ideal guide. I feel I am equipped with tools to help when I'm lacking confidence, or feeling lost, and the encouragement to push myself to take on new challenges with confidence.”

Jessica Gambrill

Project Co-ordinator, Mangano IT


“This program not only helps build your confidence to deal with those challenges we experience both professionally and personally; but help you grow and develop as a person. You have the opportunity to connect and network with so many amazing women who experience the same things you do and have fun along the way.”

Prue Agar

Project Management Consultant, Atturra


“The program had so many topics that really opened up my mind to overcome my own biases. The key lessons for me were
- Try to make use of the energy that stress gives you, instead of wasting that energy trying to manage your stress
- Assume that you’re capable and have faith that with effort you can succeed
- Lean into my strengths, our strengths when used in the right way can super charge our confidence and success.
- Don’t be afraid to fail forward. Remind yourself that attaining mastery of a new skill often requires the risk of failure – it’s what you learn that counts
- It’s not all about having the grit, we also need the grace to realise when we have set the wrong goal and to let that go and move on to a new purposeful path that feels more aligned to us."

Rochelle Higgins

Commercial Executive, Microsoft


“I feel that this Program came at the right time especially with all the changes that were happening at work, it has allowed me to assess my current situation and think about what my next steps are.”

Agapi Maragos

Continuous Improvement Analyst (PMO), Energy Australia


“I really found this course extremely powerful and useful.”

Leonie Louw

Project Delivery Manager, Rio Tinto


“I can first hand 100% recommend the Women's Rising program to other women! A big thank you to Megan for being so passionate about what she does and being so willing to share her knowledge!”

Laksheena Bhunjan

Proposal Writer, DocuSign


“Say yes to you and sign up. You won't regret it!!!”

Lesley-Ann Ryan

Manager Organisational Development (acting), Wollongong City Council



Created for Women by Women and delivers valuable tools, shared experiences and confidence to understand you are not alone and we can believe in our capabilities and the value we can bring to the people around us in both our business and personal lives.”


Sonia Harris

Channel Account Manager, Pax8 Ltd


“This course taught me how to deal with issues that can arise in my career. I feel now that I have more understanding to be able to proactively voice my thoughts and knowledge without feeling that I need to keep quiet or not apply for that promotion that I don't feel I have all the qualifications for.”

Karen Thomas

Director, Care with Dignity & Co


“This program has been a big eye opener for me when realizing that all women face similar challenges and that I am not alone. It gave me a different outlook about feminine strengths and potential. It is remarkable, how far we are from reaching equality and how important it is to lead change.”

Martina Badano Perez

Product Development Specialist, FMC


“Women Rising has been an outstanding program and I would highly recommend it to any professional women. It has been thought provoking and challenging and has made me review who I am and how I want to present myself.”

Amanda Lowe

General Manager Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, Fusion5


“I strongly advise anyone thinking about taking this course to go for it. Each module is thought provoking and challenging. There are aspects of my life I hadn't considered previously, like how important meditation or taking time out for myself is. It's a great community environment where you finally feel like you're not alone in lacking confidence or imposter syndrome, the course helps overcome this fear.”

Claire Cook

Senior Finance Analyst, BlueScope


“This program found me at a perfect time. I was coming back from maternity leave, after being onboarded and working remotely. Confidence and support felt low. This program made me focus on my vision and purpose and made me realize what's really important and that it's okay to be more authentic. Thank you.”

LJ Byrne

Senior Customer Success Manager, DocuSign


“Just say Yes! Yes, I will participate in Women Rising! Yes, I will make time for me, time to create purpose and change in my life. An extraordinary opportunity to challenge the assumptions that hold me back from reaching my personal and professional aspirations.”

Risa Coleman

Global Partner Marketing Manager, Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft Philanthropies


“Content is great and really geared towards self-paced learning, and the course also breaks down the daunting aspects that impact working women and offers suggestions in small, actionable steps which are achievable to implement. Besides the interesting concepts covered, the best aspect is that it reminds you that you are not the only one coming up against difficulties in the workplace, there are hundreds of other women in the same boat and having the chance to hear some of their stories was very illuminating and empowering.”

Madeline Blatch

Corporate Account Manager, Crayon


“The Women Rising Program provides a foundation to equip women with the confidence and the necessary skills and network to pursue opportunities in all aspects of their life. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is is interested in exploring how to develop and leverage their skills, experiences and capabilities.”

Jo Wilson

Senior Consultant, KPMG


“The Women Rising program had such high-quality content to learn about all aspects of career and leadership. Megan draws together insights from the leading thinkers across various fields to create a program packed with such goodness - both theoretical and practical. I found it hugely valuable.”

Tennille Wong

Business Group Leader - Microsoft Support ANZ (Acting), Microsoft


“Thank you for the program. It has not only been an eye opening experience for me, but it also cemented some of my opinions that I have.”

Selina Yuen

Project Finance Manager, Communications Design & Management Pty Limited


“Amazing! Thanks!
I will be doing the Manager version next year.”

Tegan Morgan

Iteration Lead, ART


“Change starts with awareness. This course gives you awareness, direction, and tools to help you get to where you want, to be able to see what an amazing individual you are and help others see it too.”

Julie Kuo

Senior Analyst, Fonterra


Tools for Rising



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