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400+ testimonials from Women Rising Program participants


“An exceptional training program. Holistic, science based and so valuable to be assessing performance across life domains - not just focusing on the work side. I learned a lot about myself and had a lot of blind spots in my knowledge of how the corporate work landscape can operate. I was surprised at how universal many of my work concerns were - and there's something deeply settling knowing it's not just me experiencing some of these challenges. Definitely feel better equipped with new tools.

Kate Rose

Product Manager, Australian Retirement Trust - QSuper


“This is an amazing course. It is something that should be made available to all women and not just those in management or leadership positions. It helps with building confidence and setting your vision and purpose not just for your work but for your personal goals as well. I certainly wish I had done this course in the early days of my career.

Serena Whye-Joyce

Service Operations Manager ANZ, Datacom NZ


“I came into this program needing to find myself and a way forward - both personally and professionally. From the outset, the first module "Vision and Purpose" really set the tone in how to address that. From there, the modules and coaching calls did a great job in tackling obstacles women face in their careers, and how to overcome those with frameworks that help women reach an outcome, with confidence. Confidence did seem to be a recurring theme, and the coaching calls did bring a lot of comfort and positive reinforcement that there is a way forward and with it was a lovely, and enjoyable sense of community. This program really hit the spot. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey and applying the learnings in my day to day.

Michelle Garland

Head of Strategic Sponsorships, Pursuits (APJ-MEA), New Zealand and Social Impact Programs (A/NZ), DXC Technology


"I can confidently say that I am not the same person that I was when I started this program. I now have a greater understanding of the stories that used to hold me back, replacing these with a renewed focus on my key strengths. With these strongholds removed from my thinking, my behaviour has adjusted and I have a greater sense of wellbeing. I've learned to be very intentional with my wellbeing and to set up the boundaries that will empower me to live a satisfied life."

Henriette Kamfer

Category Specialist, APA Group


“I wanted to continue to invest in my own self development and learn additional leadership skills as a relatively new manager. I read through the program and gravitated to the holistic approach and could see modules that I wanted to skill up in. I wanted to be let into the 'secret' to success and to build up my confidence. I loved how the program can meet you exactly where you are and help you with just the next step. You can then go back over and over again to revisit the content to take subsequent steps and continue to grow as you evolve and life takes you on another path. The most impressive thing is the program is very well organised, the dashboard is simple to use and the content is in bite size 20 minute learning videos and the perfect timeframe to fit into the busiest schedules. Investing in your own learning has never been easier. As you progress, you gain more confidence, you're more sure about your goals and more balanced. The skills and techniques are reachable for all, they are all learned skills, through the program you are shown the steps to up skill.

Jinsiu Du

Talent Acquisition Manager, Engineering, Atlassian


“This program could not have come at a better time in my life. I was a little bit sceptical at first about going through this course, but every single module has been so insightful and I've thoroughly enjoyed each one. Mainly the impact it's had on my overall outlook on life, as well as my confidence and how I present myself on a day-to-day basis. I will 100% be regularly going back to multiple parts throughout this program and I have already spoken about it to many, many friends and family! Multiple people have seen a difference in me and I've actually been able to achieve a pay increase of $15k, I believe because of doing this program. Thank you very much for the time and effort you've put into this Megan. It has truly been a life changing experience.

Karina Aguilera

Digital Marketing Manager, Macquarie Cloud Services


“There is never a wrong time to complete this course. Throughout my Women Rising journey, my career evolved and transformed in so many different ways however, during each phase the modules truly felt like they were designed specifically for me. The only thing more special than the idea that the course was designed only for me is the reality: That the lessons are universally applicable. Reflecting on what I learnt and heard from the other women around the world during the coaching calls fortified me with validation and a sense of unity. Forget feeling alone in your problems and forget feeling like the problem is with you. This program illustrates the reality: We can rise up and above the problems we face.

Annisa Conway

Sales & Marketing Assistant, Endotherapeutics


“Finally a program that lives up to its name! The Women Rising program is truly transformational and an absolute must-do for everyone. Thank you Megan!”

Mel Stein

Senior Operations Manager, Diversus


“A great journey to discover more about yourself.”

Sing Yee Teng

Data Analyst, Telstra


“This program is a life changer. Really helps to bring out your best qualities and highlights where I can improve while providing the right tools.”

Michele Moore

Service Delivery Manager, Powernet


“I have done countless programs and courses in my career, and I say with hand on my heart, the Women Rising Program has been the most impactful one for me both professionally, and personally. From a professional point of view, this program really provides practical applications on how to effectively progress in your career, as well as how to build your confidence and be clearer on your goals. From a personal point of view, this program is inspiring, uplifting, and it is no exaggeration in saying it has made me a better person not only to myself, but to everyone around me. From a practical standpoint, the way the lessons are framed, the flow and connectivity are truly brilliant. Life is busy - but taking time to invest in YOU should take priority. You are worth it.



Senior Sales Excellence Manager, Microsoft


“This course is for all women, young or old. I learnt so much from everyone no matter what their age or background. The course took me on a personal discovery about what is important to me. I had forgotten about me after juggling full time work, with parenting. I am now learning to prioritise myself. I have also learnt how women treat ourselves differently and think we are not as worthy. We may not say it, but our actions often do.

Amanda Gray

NZ Sales Manager, Mobile Mentor


“Participating in the Women Rising program, has been invaluable in supporting me to refocus on myself, my goals and my journey both personally and professionally. It is so easy to be caught up in the whirlwind of day to day operational life but this program has allowed me to take time out to focus more strategically on what I want to do and where I want to go. The structure of the modules, coaching calls and community connections was excellent. Thank you for all that you are doing to support women on their journey.

Kristen Garrett

Senior ICT Engagement Officer, Brisbane Catholic Education


“This was a mind-blowing program! I got the chance to see things from different perspectives and learnt to understand how as a woman I can be someone who not only influences but takes on senior responsibilities in the organization. I am definitely much more confident now and I look forward to practising the learnings I have gathered from this program. THANK YOU!!

Valerie Shena Soundaraju

Human Resource Business Partner-Finance Shared Services, Electrolux


“A phenomenal program that helps women realise their own strengths, be aware of their influence and impact, be authentic leaders and align with their sense of purpose. The lessons from this program will be with me for a long time to come and will be fundamental to the next phase of my career. Thank you to the Women Rising team.

Almira Anthony

Brand & Communications Manager, rhipe


“The course had some great content and has given me a huge amount of awareness and knowledge. I loved the coaching calls and have made some amazing connections with other women. Having continued access to the content will be so valuable, as it means I can return to different modules at a later date when they are more relevant to where I'm at with my career.

Ali Ryan

Project Manager, Inde Technology


“When I started this program I still felt so new to my role and my new team, I lacked confidence and my inner critic was silencing me in every meeting. This program has given me the tools to recognise my strengths, gain courage, empowered me to speak up, voice my opinions and has shown me how I add value in my team. I feel stronger, more committed to my self improvement and liberated to know that I'm on the path that I want to be on and I'm true to my authentic self. This program is something that I will keep working through with every new step of my career. It has and will continue to be invaluable to my personal and professional development.

Devon Janosz

Process Coordinator, Kinetic IT


“Being early on in my career, in a new industry, I was concerned these leadership lessons could have been ''too much, too soon''.
In fact, the Women Rising program gave me the tools to reflect; to observe and learn from leaders in a more intentional way, and the ability to apply that to my own current role. Thanks Megan & team - I'm feeling confident about my future.

Ellen Cherry

Business Development Executive, exposé


“I feel empowered to make decisions that align with who I truly am and not who the world wants me to be.”

Emily Ho

Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft


“Thank you, for sharing practical tools and allowing personal reflections. This came at the right time in my career and home life.”

Sharon Dignard

Head of Strategy & Performance, Water Corporation


“This is a fantastic program in a great format for learning new skills and networking. Perfect to fit in around a busy schedule and is a life changer. Get amongst it if you have the opportunity!.”

Melissa Boss

Client Lead, Spark


“Women Rising has been a phenomenal experience. Initially I was not very enthusiastic about participating in the program as I already had so much on my plate. Little did I know at the time, that the Women Rising program would be the one thing keeping me afloat during this time.

Thank you Megan and team for putting this fantastic program together!!”


Petro Nel

Cyber Security Consultant, Datacom


“To all my network who are looking for the next step in their personal development journey, do yourself a favor and consider the Women Rising program. Insightful, empowering, considered, reflective and so much more. Not just for women, I sincerely encourage my male counterparts to embark on this journey to (through the Male Allies program). I have sincerely enjoyed this program and look forward to utilising the tools in my everyday life.

Deb Nelson

Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft Australia


“Honestly if you’ve ever thought about taking a personal and professional development program then this is it! Discover who you are, what you want and how to get there. Love, love, love this program and how it has changed my mindset and brought back a balanced lifestyle.

Marissa Civitarese

Software Application Coordinator, TAFE Queensland


“The program has given me the opportunity to reinvent myself and given me clarity on my way forward professionally. It's given me space to reflect and challenge deep rooted beliefs and opinions about myself. I now feel more confident and that I'm on my purposeful path, and on a mission to help and support more women to 'rise up'!

Rosey Edwardes

Continuous Improvement Practitioner, Synergy


“I have to admit, I was a little hesitant signing up to this as I have never done anything like this before. However, from the introduction session to meeting the community, to the content, guidance and discussions had - it's one of the best investments I have ever made in myself. I feel like I went into this course as one person and came out as the real me - I have a new found confidence and a better understanding of how to approach aspects of both my professional and personal life. The wider coaching calls were so insightful - Megan is quite incredible. If you are looking at this thinking "should I?" - YES, ABSOLUTELY 100%!!!

Nicki Farrell

Director, Alliances, Ascent


“I have always applied myself and worked hard because I thought by working really really hard I would be seen as a great employee. The result of this has lead to dissatisfaction and burnout and a general feeling that others are valued more as they're offered roles and opportunities I would love, but I'm overlooked. I had become an essential resource, but not promoted as I was too good at my job! This course has allowed me to recognise how to trust myself, seek support and guidance from mentors and sponsors and really align my development plan to find roles that fit the real me. I'm about to move into a new role that I had the courage and vision to push for thanks to the learning opportunities I had during this course (and a great company that's supported my request!).

Denise Peachey

Business Implementation Manager, Blackmores


“This is an absolute fabulous program that helped me start to rethink life vision and purpose, then learned the techniques / skills to help define / execute change. These set of leadership principles are going to be super valuable to guide my career/life to in a positive way! Truely enjoyed the entire journey! Thanks Megan!

Yuyu Wu

APJ Senior Sales Operations Analyst, Amazon Web Services (AWS)


“This program has given me the ability to focus more on myself and my wellbeing, not just for my career, but also my personal life. I was not convinced when I started this course given the stage of career that I cam in, however it made me realise that I still have a lot to offer, and how I can do it. The modules on Wellbeing however for me personally were wonderful as they really resonated as this was something I have never focused on. I would thoroughly recommend this course to people in all career stages.

Rebecca Bishop

Customer Success Account Manager, Microsoft


“In a world of busy-ness, take the time for you, I did and it was empowering!”

Roseann O'Hare

Enterprise Account Executive, Manufacturing, Microsoft


“This Program is a game changer and a big impacting learning for personal and professional life.”

Jyoti Arora

Solution Architect and Chapter Lead, Telstra


“Every woman out there should follow this program.”

Chrissy Viron

Services Practice Lead, Microsoft


“I have absolutely loved participating in the Women Rising program! It was a forcing function for me to stop and reflect on my career, embracing my personal journey and experiences that ultimately led to the role I am in today and influenced my leadership style. Taking time to obtain feedback from others and define my personal brand has proven a valuable tool and helped me in career and development conversations with my manager.

The program requires dedicated time to listen and really think about how to apply these concepts in your own journey, both professionally and personally. You will only get out of it what you put into it! I will continue to utilize this content as I work to evolve and refine my personal and professional goals.


Angela Mueller

Customer Experience Leader, Microsoft


“Over the past half a year my mindsets has been changed so much as I progress with the Women Rising program, I love the program to every single bit. It drives me to start think about my life vision & purpose which surprisingly I didn't have pay much attention for past 40 years! I am so delighted now that I am on a journey to becoming a person I want to be, live in a life I want to be, being a leader I want a leader to be, what an amazing life change experience Women Rising program has brought to my life!

Vivian Wang

Technical Product Owner Chapter Lead, Telstra


“Are you questioning if you are doing the right thing - Are you questioning whether you are cut from the "wrong" mold - This course is amazing for realizing that you can lead, you can effect change and you can be your Authentic self and an Authentic leader.

Deb McKinstry

Inside Account Manager, Dicker Data NZ


“This program has been nothing but excellent, purposeful and valuable. Although, many topics were familiar which I learnt as part of other courses, this program brings the best of all the courses and bundled into one. Most importantly, this program urges you to take action. It makes you think and reflect on things you want to improve. You end up holding yourself accountable for things you want to change. I want my 15 yo daughter to do this and am sure that she will be brimming with confidence. I totally love it and highly recommend everyone to make the most out of this by attending this program.

Lakshmi Easuwaran

Group General Manager - Head of Orchestration Enablement & Shared Technologies / Agile Coach, Telstra


“This program covers all important aspects of leadership. It will help to recognise your leadership traits in more positive way and enables you with tools to cope and climb the career ladder up. I highly recommend it!

Marina Rubtsova

Senior Engineering Manager, Machine Learning Infrastructure, Cruise


“The Women Rising program is an incredible way to learn about yourself and how to create a better version of yourself that fits within your life goals. It provides practical advice and heaps of information to leverage outside of the program.

Natassja Savidge

Integration & Automation Specialist, Inde Technology


“When I started out with this course it coincided with a turbulent situation at work where things were stressful due to half my team leaving. I was promoted to a leadership role taking on full responsibility for a new team and making sure things did not fall apart. The armour of pretending served me well for a period – pretending to myself and to others that I was coping, that I was not an imposter and I would get through it – I was living that saying “fake it until you make it”.
I eventually got through the storm and managed to keep the ship sailing despite many many days feeling that I was drowning. Eventually I dropped the guards, stopped pretending and started rebuilding myself and my team.
I’m extremely grateful to go through this program and the timeliness of the intentional welling module was life changing for me as it helped kick-start my recovery and self care. I recognise now that I was a functioning mess.

When I joined this program I was 100% determined to be fully present and do this for myself. But when things went south, as life sometimes does, a feeling of tremendous disappointment overcame me because I failed - I couldn't do it all.
The coaching call from the intentional wellbeing module helped me change things around. I took Megan's advice, sorted out my sleeping pattern, starting exercising again and started a gratitude journal. It reframed my thinking.
I then caught up on all the modules which I was behind with as I was determined to finish well, which I did.From the deepest bottom of my heart, thank-you Megan! I love this program, being on this journey with so many different, amazing women in our cohorts and group calls. I highly recommend it for every women.

Vesna Van Biljon

Financial Controller, Zetta Group


“This program provides the necessary skills and mindset needed for the foundation to build the career, skills and personal goals you want and can achieve.”

Melaney Olwagen

Service Delivery Manager, Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited


“Women Rising says its all. This program was by far the most introspective, gratifying training I have done in a very long time. The group of women who are alongside you on the journey are just as courageous and human as you. Don't look past it if you get the chance.”

Natalie McLeod

Practice Lead, Datacom Systems Limited


“The Women Rising program was amazing! The combination of guides, play sheets, video classes, and coaching calls helps solidify the content of the course, which was very beneficial and thought provoking. I can't recommend it highly enough.”

Lara Symonds

Manager, Service Management, Rio Tinto


“This program will continue to be part of my life, I will start to replay each module to ensure I continue to inch towards the life vision I want. There are so many tools and learnings and I want to step back, breath and ensure I'm remaining purposeful and focusing on the things that serve me and that vision. Thank you Megan, I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you got me at a point in my life where I was at a personal low, I was doing well in my job, really well actually but I was barely surviving. I feel you have thrown a bunch of rescue tools into the bottomless pit I found myself in and now I am able to carve a way out, inch out, and I'm on that purposeful path now. You've saved me and I can now offer my children a mum they deserve and I can make an even more profound impact on the community I serve with the great work platform I am privileged to have.


Charis Jamieson

W365 Go-To-Market Manager, Microsoft


“I joined this program with some hesitation because being a part of the Sales Team it can be hectic and overwhelming and I was thinking that I wouldn't have time to go through with it.

Now that I have completed the program, I realise that this is the best decision I have ever made. I have learned a lot about myself with the help of this program and the experiences shared by the other participants during coaching calls were extremely helpful.

Maria Samson

Team Leader - Sales Support, Interactive Pty Ltd


“I would recommend this to any woman at any stage in their career or life. You will learn so much about yourself and with that knowledge comes invaluable realisation regarding your own capabilities, strength, and value.

Kym Livingstone

Implementation & Consultancy Manager, Telefonica Tech


“I had high stress and tension in my work with myself expectation. This course taught me to handle this stress and balance my work with personal life with happiness. I also have more confidence to expose myself in the organization for further career path..

Natjaya Sinkerdsuk

Regional Spares & C&A Planning Manager, Electrolux Thailand


“Overall this was a great program. The program covers the right topics, I can tell that a lot of care and thoughts have been put in crafting the program. Being able to listen and share stories with other women in the industry is great and allow me to learn from other people. Although you may not be able to attend all of the coaching or cohort call, do try to attend it when you can even if you have to drop out earlier. You may not have the time to complete all of the playsheet but the program is effective when you take some of the lesson and try to take some action out of it.

Maria Oei

Consultant, Servian


“It’s been an interesting journey throughout my career so far in terms of balancing grit and grace. Starting off in construction as a 20yr old, there was very little room for grace and my own personal nature.

Now all these years later, whilst still being in a heavily male-dominated environment, through my own radical confidence and authenticity I use intention to carve out the space to bring that balance. Both in how I hold myself as an individual in the workplace, but also bringing that balance into different spaces and situations with my immediate and wider teams.

Finding that balance and understanding the attributes of both grit and grace, have and continue to inform me and shape me into the kind of leader I want to be. So that the people I work with now, and those that we are paving the way for, can be encouraged, supported and inspired.

Taneika Price

National Facilities Manager, Leading Edge Data Centres


“The Women Rising program covers a lot of ground - from setting goals through vision and purpose, and prompts to be more mindful of strengths, weaknesses and different styles. I wish I had done this program earlier in my career - it would certainly have helped me with clarity of career path, as well as how to avoid derailment factors. Recommended.

Lindy Woodburn

Associate Director, Servian


“The Women Rising program is compelling and challenging course which helped me to look inward for insights and the changes I need to make to move my career forward.”

Caterina Berimballi

Delivery Manager, ClearPoint


“Such incredibly powerful learning with such an incredibly powerful and inspiring group of women.”

Natasha Fairbrass

Strategy & Transformation Manager - Enterprise Sales Director, Flexhive


“Part telling you things you already know but need to hone up and part telling you things that you didn't know about yourself this course is well worth the time expense and effort.”

Kelly Smith

Head of Technology Experience & Adoption (Acting), BNZ


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