Thousands of women have participated in the Women Rising Program. The results are remarkable.

Michelle Markham

Listen to Michelle's story of overcoming imposter syndrome as a participant of the Women Rising Program, and how she is now able to trust her voice and lead with personal power.

Mike Morgan

Hear from one of our Male Allies, Mike Morgan, who discusses the importance of investing in the female talent within your workplace to drive positive business outcomes.

Kushani Sriwardene

Kushani has a powerful story of overcoming cultural, personal and professional stigma's that impacted her sense of belonging as a young woman of colour in technology. Through completing our Women Rising Program, Kushani shifted from feeling unsure of her place in a powerful tech company, to owning her confidence and voice. Kushani is a testament to overcoming adversity and leading with confidence as a powerful, valued professional woman of colour in a male dominated industry.

Cassandra Klintfault

Cassandra learned to overcome her concerns of compromising personal, family values for work; and instead found balance and power. Cassandra has learned to accept the polarity of her personal life and professional life, and to acknowledge within herself that she is driving impact and truly valued in her work.

Tiffany Wright

Listen to Tiffany who learned how to overcome her inner critic and embrace her role at Microsoft with confidence and authenticity. Tiffany completed our Women Rising Program and is a testimony to the results that are possible and proven by thousands of women around the world.

Gina Willard

Hear how Gina learned to embody authentic leadership with confidence. Like thousands of other women, the Women Rising Program has been deeply transformational for Gina on her journey of overcoming professional and personal hurdles to lead with confidence in her workplace.

Marivic Patos

Listen to Marivic's story of how she overcame the fear of being seen, heard and acknowledged in her workplace through completing the Women Rising Program.

Ellie Hu

Listen to Ellie's powerful testimony of learning to work and lead with radical confidence. She learned to embrace and balance her physical and spiritual self to achieve self empowerment.

Sneha Rao

Listen to Sneha share her powerful journey of learning to celebrate her differences and overcome a lack of confidence. Sneha has transformed from hiding to leading with courage, poise and power.

Sarah Theiss

Sarah's testimony of overcoming a difficult experience of workplace bullying to owning her power as a strategic thinker and learning to thrive, is a powerful reminder of what is possible when you are equipped with the right tools and support.

Gabriela Diaz

Listen to how Gabriela learned to take action and create change in her life and career with the tools and support from the Women Rising Program. She has learned to craft a life vision and forge an empowered personal brand for herself.

Tania Raubenheimer

Tania beautifully shares her story of releasing 20 years of stress and pain through the Women Rising Program. The insights, tools and resources Tania gained access to through the program enabled her to embrace her authentic self and find comfort after an extended period of time of putting herself and her needs last. Tania is a purposeful and balanced leader in her workplace now and is a testimony to what is possible for women in every industry, around the globe.

Sahar Saqeb

Sahar learned to not only harness her inner critic but overcome it entirely to take control with confidence. She is a full time working mother and has learned to own her full authentic self.

Sarah Arnold

Listen to Sarah's empowering testimony of overcoming imposter syndrome so she could thrive in her new role and be her best self, embracing her strengths and leading with courage.

Sarah Bowden

Sarah Bowden from Microsoft shares of the powerful transformation her team went through completing the Women Rising Program. She shares a potent message to fellow business leaders on the importance of developing the female talent in the workplace and ensuring they are equipped with the right tools, resources and support for success in every area.

Kellie Blackall

Listen to Kellie's powerful transformation and how it has positively impacted her ability as a senior business leader in a male dominated workplace. Her story is a testament to what happens when we as women embrace our feminine traits as leaders.

Taruna Junega

Taruna tells of how she overcame her doubt and lack of confidence about the future of her career to finding her passion and purpose. This has enabled her to set new goals and she looks forward to her future with clarity.

Gloria Cruz

Gloria's story speaks to women everywhere in personal and professional environments. Hear how she learned to embrace vulnerability, honour her voice and find a deep level of support through the Women Rising Program.