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Empower the Women You Coach and Lead With Our Proven Curriculum & Coaching

With Megan Dalla-Camina, Women Rising Founder & CEO and

B&T’s Woman of the Year and Mentor of the Year 2023

Tested curriculum, expert coaching, evidence-based resources and proven model to elevate your leadership and coaching of women.

For coaches, leaders, HR professionals, managers, trainers, facilitators and women’s mentors and advocates.

Who is the program for?

The Women Rising Leaders and Coaches Collective is for any woman who is ready to deepen her own personal and professional development whilst empowering other women with the tools and strategies to help them rise.

Here are some examples of women this program would be a great fit for:

Professional Coaches

If you're a coach who specialises in guiding women, this program is your golden opportunity to gain a deeper level of understanding of challenges impacting women and tested solutions that will make you a better coach. With evidence-based tools and a ready-to-use toolkit, you can seamlessly integrate new strategies into your practice, enhancing your coaching skills and expanding your impact. Certification available for those who qualify.

Business Leaders

As a leader, you seek proven tools and strategies to unlock the latent potential of the women in your team, fostering their career advancement. Committed to gender diversity and inclusion, you aim to deepen your expertise of issues impacting women and enhance your impact. You may also wish to introduce the Women Rising program to your organisation, leading cohort discussions with confidence.

HR Professionals

If you're in HR and dedicated to elevating women in your workplace, this program offers holistic and tested solutions. Empower female talent for career advancement, armed with mentoring and support tools that truly make a difference in professional development. The program will enhance your ability to make a positive impact.

Trainers and Facilitators

If you facilitate workshops or training for professional women, this program enhances your understanding of the current landscape. Immerse yourself in evidence-based tools and ideas, gaining insights into the challenges and opportunities women encounter in their personal and professional lives.

Aspiring Coaches

If coaching is your future calling, even if you're not there yet, this program offers a wealth of wisdom. Learn from the best and walk away with a done-for-you coaching toolkit, ready for action when you're ready to take that coaching leap.

Women’s Advocates

If you are a women’s mentor or advocate, this program will empower you with a greater understanding of the challenges women face in work and life, and the practical tools, skills and expert coaching toolkit to help you support women.

Get the training, coaching and tools to elevate your impact in unlocking women’s potential.

Become part of a community of coaches and leaders committed to helping women rise.

  • Are you passionate about helping women unlock their potential and step into their power?
  • Are you here to help women build their confidence, become authentic leaders and thrive in their careers?
  • Are you ready to help women understand what holds them back like their inner critic and imposter syndrome, as well as systemic issues like gender bias, leadership norms and societal expectations?
  • Are you ready to elevate your impact as a coach, leader or advocate for women?

If this is you, we have the proven model, experience and tools to help.

Elevate Your Impact

Are you a woman with a passion for making a difference for other women? Welcome to the Women Rising Leaders and Coaches Collective, an evidence-based immersion designed to empower both you and those you guide.

This is your opportunity to dive deep into the Women Rising journey, gaining practical insights that go beyond theory. Crafted for women who want to empower others effectively, this training experience equips you with actionable tools to transform lives.

Dual Training for Practical Transformation:

Part One:

Personal Mastery

Over four intensive months, you'll be immersed in the Women Rising model and tools through an intimate program experience led by Women Rising Founder and Master Coach Megan Dalla-Camina.

Whether you're a seasoned alumna or a first-time participant, this journey delves deeper, peeling back layers to reveal the heart of your personal transformation. It's not just knowledge – it's insight, empowerment, and a blueprint for creating change in your life and with those you support.

Part Two:

Professional Empowerment

Unlock the intricacies of the Women Rising model and tools from the perspective of a leader, coach and trusted guide, to enhance your ability to unlock transformation for women. This program serves as your portal to profound professional evolution.

Gain a thorough understanding of the Women Rising journey that has impacted more than 6,500 women. This knowledge will elevate your ability to create meaningful change and will seamlessly integrate into your unique coaching and leadership approach.

Be Part of the Movement

Women Rising is the fastest growing women’s leadership development program of its kind globally for one reason: Because it works.

And you can be at the forefront of this movement.


The Women Rising Program is trusted by 500+ leading organisations.


Remarkable Results

Our results are remarkable. Women report that they graduate from the Women Rising program with increased confidence, a clearer vision for their life and career, the tools to become more authentic leaders and the willingness and desire to step into roles of greater responsibility and impact.

Here are just a few of the results we see:

98% of women recommend the program

to their peers and lobby for others in their organisations to attend


report having greater levels of true confidence


have new tools to progress their career


have greater clarity on their life vision and purpose


 feel like a more authentic leader

Elevate your leadership and coaching of women.

Join the Women Rising Leaders & Coaches Collective for all of the tools and coaching you need to maximise your impact.


What's Included:

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Expert Coaching

Weekly coaching immersions with Megan Dalla-Camina and Women Rising trained coaches. These are powerful group sessions for your own personal transformation and as a leader and coach. All coaching calls are recorded.


8 Tested Modules, 27 Training Videos

Complete lifetime access to the Women Rising program, an 8-module proven curriculum with 27 video lessons, written guides, playsheets and audio-only versions to support all learning styles.


Leaders and Coaches Toolkit

This comprehensive PDF collection houses user-friendly versions of essential tools, strategies, and resources, designed to seamlessly guide and lead women on their transformative journey. We've distilled the core frameworks, exercises, and resources needed to support your clients, mentees, or team members in an easily accessible and ready-to-use coaching toolkit, simplifying your coaching and mentoring process.


The Complete Coaches Playbook

Navigate the Women Rising program's 8 modules and 27 lessons with clarity using this comprehensive playbook. Inside, you'll find subject guides and practical resources that will enhance your coaching with ease, including frequently asked questions and answers. Discover women's key reflections from their program journey, providing you with insights for effective coaching in each module.

lesson forums

Private Online Community

Join a dedicated online community exclusively for Women Rising Leaders and Coaches Collective members. Engage in direct conversations with Megan, your peers, and access ongoing support throughout the program.


Exclusive Audio App

Enjoy the convenience of our private audio app, giving you the option to listen to Women Rising lessons and coaching calls. Access learning anytime, anywhere, and on your preferred device.


Lifetime Access to All Materials

The Women Rising Leaders and Coaches Collective comes with lifetime access to all program and training materials, giving you ample time to learn, apply lessons, and revisit as often as needed. There is no need to pay any on going access fees.


Affiliate Partner Program

Participate in our Affiliate Partner Program and earn a generous 20% commission for each individual woman you refer to the Women Rising Program. Potential corporate partnerships also available for Certified Coaches.

LCC Badge

Become a Certified Women Rising Coach

Through your successful completion of the Women Rising Leaders and Coaches Collective program, you have the opportunity to become a Certified Women Rising Coach. By submitting your completed work, you'll demonstrate your dedication and proficiency in guiding women through the principles of transformation. Use the certification to add to your existing coaching credentials. Leaders in organisations can earn the Certified Women Rising Leader credential.

Exclusive Bonuses

Not Available Anywhere Else

Bonus One:

Coaching Mastery for Leaders

The Essential Guide

This essential resource equips leaders with proven techniques to master the art of coaching, empowering leaders to elevate their team’s performance, enhance communication, and foster a culture of growth. From foundational coaching principles to navigating challenging scenarios, our guide provides step-by-step strategies, real-life examples, and actionable insights to transform leaders into impactful coaches and mentors. Elevate your leadership, drive results, and create lasting change.

Bonus Two:

Building Your Coaching Business

The Workshop

Whether you're a seasoned coach seeking to build or scale your business or a leader ready to embark on a side-hustle, this workshop is your compass to crafting a successful business. Gain invaluable insights directly from Megan Dalla-Camina, who has meticulously crafted a purpose-driven, impactful, and thriving coaching-based business over the last decade. Learn the proven strategies, tactics, and wisdom that have fueled her journey, and how you can apply them for your own success.

How It Works

We combine the proven Women Rising program model with world class tools and coaching, to enhance your knowledge and give you the toolkit that will take your work, and your impact, to the next level. When you join the Women Rising Leaders & Coaches Collective, you are given everything you need to enhance your coaching and leadership impact.

1. Set the Foundation

Complete a detailed questionnaire that will help you assess where you’re at personally and professionally as we start the journey. We will also begin with a welcome group coaching session that sets the stage for your journey. Clarify your intentions, set goals for the program, and connect with peers who share your aspirations.

2. Structured Learning

You get the best of both worlds with the learning format of self-paced learning modules together with live coaching calls and peer interaction. Embrace a journey of continuous growth with a new module unlocking every two weeks over the 4-months we are together.

3. Module-by-Module Mastery

In each module we spend the first week on your own personal journey, as you will work through the modules and complete the playsheets for yourself and join a live coaching call. We spend the second week unlocking your impact as a coach and leader with specific playsheets and a second call focused on guiding, coaching, and leading women through the module concepts. Learn to deploy tools, frameworks, and strategies effectively.

4. Community and Peer Support

For the duration of the program you’ll have continuing access to a private online community where you can post comments about your learnings, ask questions and receive guidance from your peers, Megan Dalla-Camina and Women Rising coaches.

“As a leader of managers and sellers across Asia for Microsoft, and as a passionate advocate for women, I know that driving connection and engagement is key to my business success. When people find meaning in their work, can prioritise their wellbeing, have a strong connection to their peers and customers, feel heard and valued, and have the confidence and growth mindset to be aspirational, we can do extraordinary things together. I believe that coaching is at the heart of driving this engagement and unlocking the true potential of every person. We know how crucial coaching is – and yet it is one of the hardest leadership skills to master.

Before I joined the Women Rising Leaders & Coaches Collective, despite my best efforts I could rarely create those magical coaching breakthrough moments. I would begin strong, but eventually my judgements and biases would take over, and rather than letting the coachee stay in the drivers seat, I would hijack the conversation with my own agenda.

Then came the Leaders and Coaches Collective and it was a revelation to me. I learned that it wasn’t about me – that it was about serving those I was leading and coaching – it was their journey, not mine. I saw that every person brings completely different experiences, values, strengths, motivators and challenges to the table and leaning into each person’s uniqueness with empathy and care can be learned. I received incredibly practical guidance on how to frame the right questions, how to listen and how to unlock more meaningful personal discoveries than I had every imagined. I literally learned how to change lives – and in doing so be a part of changing the trajectory of a person’s life and career.

I had already been through the Women Rising Program, and it had literally changed my life. I had found meaning in my work, confidence in my abilities and had fast tracked from an individual contributor to a manager, and then promoted further to become a manager of managers by following the practical guidance Megan teaches. So to be able to take that foundational transformational content, and bring it to life through my own coaching as a leader, allowed me to scale my impact far beyond what I thought was possible.

The most amazing part of the Leaders and Coaches Collective was the coaching I received from Megan and other coaches in each call, as well as from the participants. Real life examples were unpacked – tricky questions asked and answered – and a tonne of brilliant tools and ideas for extracting vulnerability, self-reflection and creativity that I now use every day. If you are a leader who wants to improve the performance of your business, bring the best out of your team, and create a culture where everyone can do their best work and feel seen and heard, this is the program for you. This program didn’t just change my life, it has truly helped me change the lives of hundreds of women that I have coached and led over the last 2 years.”


Asia Digital Sales Director, Microsoft



Explore your true purpose, what brings meaning to your work and how to craft a vision for your life.

  • Bring a deeper level of clarity to what you want most from your life and career.
  • Learn how to create more meaning from your current role to enhance your satisfaction and happiness.
  • Understand how the why of what you do matters more than anything else when it comes to productivity and performance at work.
  • Craft a holistic picture of your life vision and purpose, with actionable tools to bring it into reality.

Over 93% of program participants report having greater clarity on their life vision and purpose, and more than 90% say they have a clearer understanding of their goals.


Learn an evidence-based approach for how to create radical confidence – the type you have no matter what is going on around you.

  • Discover what confidence really is and the game changing three-part framework that will dial down your self-doubt and up level your self-belief.
  • Learn how to better understand your inner critic and how to tame it, not fight with it (and finally understand imposter syndrome).
  • Discover and develop your strengths and leverage them to be more authentic and build your true confidence.
  • Develop Professor Carol Dweck’s growth mindset and use it to build your confidence and create what you want most.

97% of participants say they have the knowledge and tools to take more confident action, and more than 95% have a better understanding of their strengths. 94% of participants say they feel more confident from doing this program.


Develop a career you love, build supportive and sustaining relationships, and build a personal brand that you are known for.

  • Understand where you’re at on your career mastery journey and how it impacts your career planning and development.
  • Discover what you want to be known for in your career, and how to build an aligned personal brand.
  • Understand mentors as an important and supportive relationship to help bring out the best in yourself and fast track your results.
  • Learn what sponsors are, how to cultivate them and why they can be the most critical relationship for your career success.

96% of program participants feel they have new tools to progress their career, and more than 92% understand how mentors and sponsors can positively impact their career. Over 90% have greater clarity on their personal brand and what they want to be known for.


Develop as an authentic leader no matter what your role, and learn how to step into your power as a woman with presence and vulnerability.

  • Understand how leadership is changing, what new leadership looks like and why women have never been better positioned to lead.
  • Discover the authenticity gap and how gender mindsets, the double bind and the likeability gap can impact women’s leadership path.
  • Explore feminine traits, how critical they are to your authenticity and why the right balance of traits will unlock your greatest success.
  • Learn how vulnerability and presence are critical to stepping into your personal power, and developing as an authentic leader.

Over 95% of program participants say they have the tools to become a more authentic leader and understand the role of feminine and masculine traits in leadership.


Build your influence, develop your executive presence and enhance your impact in all aspects of your work and leadership.

  • Learn how to develop your executive presence, and understand why it is a critical, yet misunderstood part of your success toolkit.
  • Understand why communicating with power can unlock your next level of impact, and how to do it effectively.
  • Learn how to manage conflict at work, deal with challenging people, and become a pro at having difficult conversations.
  • Get clear on the derailment factors that can undermine your career and leadership success, and how to manage them.

94% of participants report being a stronger leader from doing this program.


Discover the joyful, busy-proof and evidence-based ways you can create radiant wellness in your life.

  • Understand the foundational components of wellbeing that will make all the difference in your work and life, and fuel you on all levels.
  • Learn how mindfulness and meditation can supercharge your wellbeing (in very practical ways that everyone can manage).
  • Learn the science and art of managing your energy and emotions.
  • Learn how to set boundaries to protect what matters most, create balance and enable your success.

Over 92% of participants say they are more intentional about their wellbeing and more than 89% are better able to set boundaries.


Delve into the power of cultivating both grit and grace to achieve your goals and support your journey.

  • Understand and apply how and why grit matters when it comes to your success and performance (and learn what to be gritty about).
  • Learn the science of optimism, how it impacts you, and how to build it for greater resilience.
  • Change your relationship with stress by discovering its upside (even when things go wrong).
  • Cultivate the grace you need to live your journey with more ease.

More than 93% of participants report they understand what it means to have and apply grit in their career.


It’s time to develop your role as a leader, and discover how to lead change in a way that makes a lasting impact.

  • Explore the current reality on gender diversity, create the next level of breakthroughs, and learn how to truly create inclusivity at work.
  • Understand how bias deeply impacts the path to equality and what to do about it.
  • Learn the critical components of effectively leading others, no matter what your role or experience level.
  • Get the strategies and tools to effectively lead change in your workplace to have a lasting impact.

95% of participants better understand their role in leading change. 98% of participants would recommend the Women Rising program to a friend or colleague.

“As a career and confidence coach for women, I’ve admired the work of Megan and Women Rising over the last 4 years. When I saw there was an opportunity to learn how to coach this program, I jumped on it without hesitation. This program is brilliant from start to finish - the platform, the coaches, the participants, the research, the materials and the learning are world class. Being part of the community of coaches going through the program was a great opportunity for me to learn from a powerful group of women, to share experience and to tap into a wealth of experience and different perspectives.

Since completing the program, I have lifetime access to a full set of material including workbooks, recordings, playsheets which I use with my own clients every day. This has helped elevate my 1:1 coaching experience and my business with relevant material that supports the women I work with. I would not hesitate recommending this program to other coaches who are passionate about supporting women to fulfil their potential in their personal and professional life.”

Deirdre McGinn

Career & Confidence Coach for Women


Women Rising™


Apply now for the January 2024 program

BEST VALUE - One Upfront Payment

Most Flexible - Monthly Payment Plan

$7500 USD

4 x $2000 USD

BEST VALUE - One Upfront Payment

$7500 USD

Most Flexible - Monthly Payment Plan

4 x $2000 USD

“After completing the Women Rising program, I was looking for ways to deepen my understanding of the concepts around what enables women to lead authentic and enriched personal and professional lives, and how to share these learnings in a meaningful and considered way with other women.

The Women Rising Leaders & Coaches Collective program was the next step in my journey as a leader and a coach. The program enabled me to ask smarter questions and be more coach-like when I interact with and mentor women who are going through challenges that prevent them from being their best self.

The program equipped me with shareable resources that I am able to use with women, and resources I can supplement in my own coaching practice. I am able to draw from the wisdom and resourcing of a well established brand, well researched content, which saves me a lot of time so I don’t have to start from scratch, and provides instant credibility.

I highly recommend the Women Rising Leaders & Coaches Collective program as a worthwhile investment for any business owner coaching women, looking for that additional support in building their practice, or a corporate business leader who wants to go deeper in their mentoring conversations.”



Join us for the January 2024 Program


Program Key Dates
Applications Open September 4, 2023
Applications Close January 12, 2024
Program Commencement January 22, 2024
Program Closes May 10, 2024

Got questions? Please email us at hello@womenrisingco.com.

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You can also read 400+ testimonials from program graduates.

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