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4 Month Coaching and Leadership Immersion


Leaders And Coaches Collective 8 Mont Coaching Mastermind

8 Month Coaching Mastermind for Applying Training


leaders And Coaches Collective Certification

Women Rising Leader and Coach Certification

“The most amazing part of the Leaders and Coaches Collective was the coaching I received from Megan and other coaches in each call, as well as from the participants. Real life examples were unpacked – tricky questions asked and answered – and a tonne of brilliant tools and ideas for extracting vulnerability, self-reflection and creativity that I now use every day. If you are a leader who wants to improve the performance of your business, bring the best out of your team, and create a culture where everyone can do their best work and feel seen and heard, this is the program for you. This program didn’t just change my life, it has truly helped me change the lives of hundreds of women that I have coached and led over the last 2 years.”
— Michelle Markham, Microsoft