Are you called to help women unlock their potential and rise?


We’re here to help, with our proven model, coaching and resources.

Are you passionate about helping women unlock their potential and step into their power?

Are you here to help women build their confidence, become authentic leaders and thrive in their careers?

Are you ready to help women deeply understand what holds them back like their inner critic and imposter syndrome, as well as systemic issues like gender bias, leadership norms and societal expectations?

Do you know it’s your own time to rise, whilst supporting other women on their journey?

If this is you, we have the proven model, experience and tools to help.


The Women Rising Coaches Collective is for women who want to gain a deep personal and professional understanding of the Women Rising journey and the transformation it offers, and integrate the teachings into their unique work supporting other women. You will experience powerful change for yourself, and get the tools to create this change for your clients, mentees and team members.

You’ll receive two levels of training in our five month immersion:

  1. Learn how to apply the Women Rising model and tools in your own work and life through an intimate program experience and group coaching with Megan Dalla-Camina (you will go deeper if you’re a program alum), and
  2. Gain a deep professional understanding of the journey and tools we teach and gain insights into the experiences of thousands of women, so you have a depth of knowledge to integrate into, and enhance, your own unique work and impact.


The Women Rising program has supported 4,500 women from 412 organisations in 36 countries. In the second half of 2022 and through 2023 we expect more than 10,000 women to be part of the program.

Our results are remarkable. Women report that they graduate from the program with increased confidence, a clearer vision for their life and career, the tools to become more authentic leaders and the willingness and desire to step into roles of greater responsibility and impact.

Here are just a few of the results we see:

  • 98% of women recommend the program to their peers and lobby for others in their organisations to attend
  • 97% of women report having greater levels of true confidence
  • 96% have new tools to progress their career
  • 93% have greater clarity on their life vision and purpose
  • 98% feel like a more authentic leader


We combine the proven Women Rising program model with world class tools and coaching, to enhance your knowledge and give you the toolkit that will take your work, and your impact, to the next level.

When you join the Women Rising Coaches Collective, you are given everything you need to enhance your coaching and leadership impact. Here’s what you get access to when you join the Women Rising Coaches Collective:

  • An exclusive 5-month live immersion experience with Women Rising Founder & CEO Megan Dalla-Camina.
  • Welcome group coaching session to clarify your intention and goals for the program and meet your peers.
  • Bi-weekly coaching calls on the Women Rising modules for your own journey, development and transformation.
  • Bi-weekly coaching masterclasses with Megan on every module of the program. Learn how to support women through specific aspects of their personal and professional development with our evidence based tools and practices from the 8 modules and 27 lessons of the Women Rising program i.e radical confidence, feminine traits, intentional wellbeing, authentic leadership and more.
  • A coaches playbook with subject matter guides and resources that will help deepen your coaching understanding and impact.
  • A selection of Women Rising playsheets, tools and exercises for exclusive use with your clients, mentees or team members.
  • A private online community exclusively for members of the Women Rising Coaches Collective with direct access to Megan and your peers for the duration of the program and then an alumni group for ongoing connection.
  • Professional and experienced coaches who successfully complete the program will have the opportunity to receive coaching client referrals when available.
  • Business leaders will receive support and strategies for how to bring the Women Rising program and tools to your organisation with direct guidance from Megan and the Women Rising team. You will become the expert within your business on the Women Rising model, and have all you need to lead effective cohort discussions within your business throughout the program.
  • Opportunity to become part of the Women Rising coaching and community leader team for our programs as needed.

You will gain an intimate understanding of the issues, challenges and opportunities women face in their personal and professional lives. These insights can only be gained from working directly with Megan Dalla-Camina, a master level coach who has coached and supported thousands of women over the past 15 years. Importantly, you will have the learning and tools from the training that you can integrate into your own unique coaching model.

This is a one of a kind experience and opportunity to take your coaching and leadership, and the results you generate for the women you support, to an exceptional level.

If you coach or lead professional women, and want to unlock the potential and bring out the best in women personally and professionally, then the Women Rising Coaches Collective will bring you tools, expertise and support at levels you have only dreamed of.


Please note that this is a coaching and training program - not a certification or licensing program - specific guidelines on this will be provided once your application has been received.


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