The shocking stories women tell themselves

The shocking stories women tell themselves

Have you ever said any of these things to yourself?

“I’m not smart enough”

“I’m not working hard enough”

“I’m not poised enough”

“I don’t have enough gravitas”

“I don’t deserve to be here”

These were the exact stories that Michelle was telling herself when it came to her career. Her inner critic was relentless, telling her constantly: “I can’t let people see the real me, because then no one will like me, my husband will leave me, I’ll have no friends and I’ll most certainly get fired.”

Does any of this sound familiar? Do you have an equally harsh inner critic?

The words your inner critic uses might be different to Michelle’s, but it usually has the same effect. It robs you of your confidence, has you playing small, makes you question yourself, stops you going after what you truly want, keeps you endlessly over-preparing, polishing and perfecting and makes you feel like an imposter.

Michelle felt like she was never enough and didn’t belong and she just had to pretend to be graceful and poised and keep it together long enough so nobody would find her out.

If you’ve ever felt like this, you’re not alone.

We all suffer from confidence issues at times and the research shows the majority of us will experience imposter syndrome at some point in our careers, with some studies putting that number as high as 82%.

As Michelle discovered through the Women Rising Program, it’s powerful to realise you’re not alone. When women come together collectively about these challenges, it’s the first step towards change, not just for individuals, but change for all women.

And it wasn’t only the power of community that Michelle experienced through the program, she also got the practical tools and strategies she needed to tame her inner critic, overcome imposter syndrome and build radical confidence.

Michelle’s journey with the Women Rising program has taken her from being an individual contributor, to a manager and now she’s in a position where she manages managers. In her own words “I never thought I was capable of doing that and that would happen to me, but I really attribute that success to this program.”

Hear from Michelle yourself and read the stories of hundreds of other women who have also done the Women Rising program and experienced extraordinary results.

If you’ve been considering signing up for the Women Rising program Michelle has some powerful words she wants to share with you:

“You are infinitely more capable, more amazing, more likable and more powerful than you think you are. I want to encourage you to do this program because it will not only help you to see yourself as you truly are, but it will give you really practical tips and guidance on how to unlock that potential. Sign up today. Honestly, just don't waste another minute.”

We’d love for you to join us in our Women Rising Program, and get access to the same tools and strategies that transformed Michelle’s confidence and career.

And if you’re still unsure, I’d love to ask you this heartfelt question…

What permission are you waiting for to be able to invest in yourself?

What will it take to be a YES for you? So that you can show up for yourself, for your personal and professional development, for your health, for your wellbeing, for your life, for your heart...

What permission do you need to say yes to you?

Because here’s the thing:  We know this program works. We know from thousands of women who have done the program that many of them wish they’d invested the time and energy sooner. I know it creates profound shifts not only in their careers, but in their lives. And I want you to have the opportunity to experience the same incredible support and results.

I would absolutely love to welcome you into the program and support you every step of the way. Please, do this for yourself. I know it will be worth it.

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