When I started the Women Rising course I had just resigned as a General Manager and accepted a Partner role with a Big 4 Firm; I was terrified and excited. It was perfect timing as I went through my vision and purpose and prepared to introduce myself again and again (it was speed dating the first 2 months of my new role, all on camera due to lockdowns).

Knowing what I stood for, what my values are and what I'm passionate about was part of what got me invited to be a partner; the Women Rising program helped me take that to the next level and shape it as I needed to create a brand for myself within a new company where all the stakeholder management rules were thrown out the window - I had to unlearn and learn a new way of operating.

I backed myself and the Women Rising program was a big part of that confidence and courage. I knew from looking back that I could do anything, despite always thinking I couldn't. I think the Women Rising program finally broke that repeated pattern in my head and my heart.

As a result, I gravitated immediately towards the Women in Technology, Women in Leadership and D&I activities and programs happening within my new company and when I think about my future now I am almost overwhelmed by what could be possible for me.

I not only want to grow the business within my new firm, but I also want to be in a leadership role for and with women.