For me, the Women Rising program has been a catalyst for positive change. Having tailored programs specific to women is critical particularly in a male dominated tech industry, and supports us to find meaning and purpose not just in our careers but in all facets of our lives.

When I reflect on my biggest learnings of the program I realise that early on in my career I was very self-critical. It's the small things and micro-habitual changes I have adopted through this program that have helped me immensely.

I've learnt to be my authentic self and be OK with that! I used to change my behaviour to suit my peers and audience. When I reflect back on this I can see that it was my way of trying to "fit in" to a very masculine environment.

I was often the youngest and only female in the room. I would observe how my male counterparts would engage in group meetings and I would do everything I could to mirror them. Yet, in a short space of time I've learned that I don't need to mirror what I observe, rather I can simply be myself and I realise that it is that authenticity that brings much more value to my interactions with people.