Oprah and Fierce Feminine Leadership.

Oprah and Fierce Feminine Leadership.

The moment had been brewing for years. The sense, the energy, that the feminine is rising. That the world is waking up. That leadership is changing.

There have been many signs. Malala. Beyonce. Hillary’s run for presidency. The fall out. The marches. The new women’s movement. Brene Brown and her game changing research about shame, courage, authenticity and vulnerability. Sheryl Sandberg teaching us to lean in. The Athena research showing us that what the world wants from leaders is changing and feminine traits are ascendant. That empathy, intuition, collaboration and kindness are all becoming new currencies.

That the feminine is becoming the new currency.

That the feminine is becoming the new power base.

We’ve witnessed #metoo. And then #timesup.

And then, there was the Golden Globes. And Oprah. The Cecile B. DeMille award. And that speech. 

If you haven’t watched it, I encourage you to watch it now.  Watch it and soak in the moment that one of the most powerful women on the planet – a self made billionaire, African American woman, raised out of poverty, who speaks of self love and worth and purpose and spiritual awakening – told a room filled with more of the most powerful people in the world that time is up.

That women would no longer be shamed, and abused and victimised and harassed. That women would no longer be silenced. That powerful men could no longer use that power in ways that abuse others and expect to get away with it. Because it was the norm. Because they could. Because they were, indeed, the powerful ones.

She told the world that the power was shifting. That we see you. That a new day is dawning and all girls, and boys, can hope for a better future where anything truly is possible in a world where you can be safe to go after your dreams without having to give up your dignity in the process.

Where women, and plenty of good men, are standing together to say enough. Enough. Finally enough. That we aren’t just talking about rising. That we aren’t just preaching about feminine power. She showed us that we are doing it. We are RISING.

When Oprah stands on a stage in front of millions of people and says TIME’S UP, you better believe it.

Many quotes from her speech have blown up the Internet. Especially this:

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have.”

Here is the full transcript. Read it and let it wash over you. And then, consider: What can you do? What can you do to reclaim your own feminine power? To use it for yourself, and for others? You may consider starting here:

Use your voice. Speak up in the meeting. Put your ideas forward. Make the call. Say no. Call out bad behaviour. Call out good behaviour. Hold up the role models who are doing it right and making a difference. Create some waves. Write that new bold badass business plan. Use your voice. Do the thing you have always wanted to do but were too afraid. Do the small things that you know will make a difference. Do that monumental thing that you sense will change everything. Take up more space. Back your sisters up. Celebrate the good men in your life.  Create a collective of other women and men who want to make a difference. Be inclusive. Do it today. Be just a little bit braver than you were yesterday. Trust yourself. Trust your future. Trust that you really are good enough, right here and now. That you can use your voice. And that it will matter.

Make no mistake – Oprah’s speech was one of the most powerful and important speeches we will hear in our lifetime.

Because it’s time. Time for inclusiveness. Time for safety. Time for the feminine to be unleashed in all it’s glorious power. Time indeed for real feminine power.

Witness Oprah. And all of the other women in that room last night – Actors, producers, writers, directors, activists who are standing up – and know that this is what fierce feminine leadership looks like. Bold, inclusive, unapologetic, inspiring, intelligent, awake, articulate, empathetic and kick ass powerful.

And know that for anyone who seeks to abuse their power, to use it to make others feel small or shamed or less than, that your time is up.

And the world is watching.

By Women Rising Founder, Megan Dalla-Camina.