Radical Confidence

Your 3-part Framework for Radical Confidence

Confidence is one of those things that can make you scratch your head a little. When you’re feeling less than confident, it’s easy to look around you at women you think of as successful, and imagine that they never have any issues with their own confidence: they never question their right to be in the […]

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confidence boost

Need a real confidence boost? Read this.

Confidence is one of those things that can either propel you forward to achieve your dreams, or hold you back for fear of failure. Everyone faces this issue to some extent, at some point in their lives. The questions become, how confident are you, when do you feel the most confident, and how can you […]

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Build the Confidence

Build the Confidence to Trust Yourself

One of the hardest things to build confidence in as women is our own opinion. Learning to trust our own inner guidance, and act accordingly, can be a challenge. Think about it for a moment: How often do you ask others about what you should do? Who do you ask: your partner, best friend, sister? […]

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10% braver

What if you were just 10% braver?

I was on the phone with one my long term coaching clients this morning. We were talking about the new role she had just stepped in to in her company – a position she had earned based on years of hard work, proving herself, achieving great results, and she was finally being recognised with this promotion. […]

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Building Your Confidence – What It Really Takes

I was speaking with a dear client recently, about her 26 year career journey and how confidence has impacted her throughout – both negatively and positively. Right toward the end, she said the truth that all women need to hear, something that we had been working on and she had been living for the past […]

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