Balancing Career and Motherhood: Tips for Passionate Working Mums

Balancing Career and Motherhood: Tips for Passionate Working Mums

Navigating the balance between having a successful career and being a present and engaged mum is a challenge that many working women face.

Unlike mums of some generations ago who predominantly spent their days in the family home, modern women are having to navigate their way through largely uncharted territory as they learn how to merge their personal and professional worlds.

Balancing career aspirations with the joys of motherhood requires thought and intention if you are to thrive in both areas.


1) Embrace your most authentic leadership style in the workplace

Leading as your most authentic self in your workplace won’t just see you excel and progress in your career, it will enhance your capacity to show up as the best mum you can be in your home too.

How so?

Because when we lead as our most authentic selves and embrace our unique leadership style, we typically experience more ease, contentment and fulfillment (not to mention success) in the workplace.

And when we feel this way at work? It very naturally crosses over into the family home.

2) Prioritise your wellbeing

It’s very easy for busy working mums to let their wellbeing fall to the bottom of their priority lists but in fact your wellbeing is essential if you want to thrive in your work and home.

Even if it’s just for a short but consistent 10 minutes a day, prioritise doing something that supports your health and wellbeing.

Whether it’s a mindfulness practice, creative activity, exercise or simply sipping a cup of coffee in silence, know that caring for yourself will help you care for others, in both your home and workplace, to the best of your ability.

Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s essential. Plus, it’s a wonderful life skill to role model to our little ones.

3) Ask for help, prioritise and delegate

Even though you’re an intelligent and capable woman, you can’t, and don’t have to, do it all.

In your home, ask for help. Your loved ones are there to support you and if it’s a financial possibility, there’s all sorts of help you can hire to support you.

In your workplace, prioritise tasks based on importance and role specificity, and then delegate what you can. If you’re not in a role where you delegate, learn to have boundaries around what you say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to.

Not only will this increase your workplace satisfaction, it will free up your time and energy to be more present with your family after hours.

4) Switch off from work

At the end of the workday, be intentional about switching off. You may even like to create an end of day practice - like tidying your desk or playing a specific song - that signals to your mind and body that it’s time for you to switch into family mode.

Where possible try not to take your work home with you so you can have clearly defined boundaries between your work and personal life.

There is no one ‘right’ way to balance career and motherhood - the only ‘right’ way is your way. No-one is perfect and it can take many years of trial and error to find your perfect balance. Be kind to yourself as you find your way.


If you’re curious about connecting with other career mums who too want to priotise having a work-life balance, or want support to implement the above strategies (plus many more). In that case, we invite you to explore our Women Rising program, which was in fact created by a working mum. Find out more about our program here.

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